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Best Wax Concentrate Vapes on the market

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If you prefer to stick with THC or CBD concentrates in the form of CBD Crumble, Shatter, Rosin, or any Dab form then you should consider a product that is made specifically to handle those types of concentrates. READ MORE

The majority of best dab pens use an electric heating coil that rests inside of a container (usually made from quartz, ceramic, or steel). This type of pen requires the user to place the desired amount of CBD concentrate on the coil and then the pen can heat the coil up until vapor is produced. The vapor can be inhaled through the mouthpiece just like in any other vaporizer.

If you’re shopping for a dependable dab vape pen product, we recommend the Extreme Wax Vaporizer from HoneyStick. Absolutely the best choice for someone that is looking for a complete vape kit for concentrate. The kit is sold for $125.00 and comes with a powerful 2000 mAh wax pen battery, Extremely powerful triple coil heater, and many other accessories. If you’re unsure of which wax pen to choose, you can always browse through our detailed reviews above with all product highlights, pros and cons.

What makes a Dab Pen the best Vape Pen for Waxy Concentrates?

Any dab pen, by definition, is meant for vaping dabs, extracts and concentrates but best vape pen for wax must meet few key point criteria’s for vaporizer designed for concentrates. The best pen for wax must be able to deliver pure and flavorful draw hits, without metal or burned taste – and that means the dab atomizer must be powerful and very well build. Speaking of wax atomizers – there are many types of them such as a most common coil or double coil dab tanks, ceramic bowl and plate heaters and introduced in Plasma wax pen – the quartz (glass) heater. Each type of atomizer for concentrates has its pros and cons. Dual coil dab atomizer will have pretty much instant heat-ups but there is a possibility that your concentrate material bet burned if you set the power of your vaporizer to high. Ceramic wax atomizer needs usually few seconds before it gets to the temperature of vaporizing concentrates and will never reach as hot temp. As the coils heater – but you will never burn your dabs in it and flavor delivered is much more intense and pure. Bottom line is when choosing the best vape pen for the wax you must find a compromise between these factors. The only exception to compromise would be with HoneyStick Aficionado wax dab pen where you will get both types of atomizers: dual coil and ceramic plate heaters within the dab pen kit.

Characteristic of the best vape pen for wax

Simple characteristic of the best vape pen for wax concentrates will include its affordability (price), vaporizer power – necessary to properly vaporize the concentrates material, heat-up time (you don’t want to wait too long before you can make your first hit and of curse, purity flavor delivered of vaped dabs. With so many choices for dab pen out there it is really hard to make a decision without actually trying the vape pen with your concentrates. At Best CBD Products Review we want to narrow down your searches to best wax vape pens for its class.

Best for power dab draws

For most powerful and strongest hits we recommend the Ripper with two types of heaters: one for THC or CBD thick oil and second, dual quartz coil and ceramic bowl for dab concentrates. The Ripper is the strongest, sub-ohm vaporizer to use with waxy concentrates (or essential oils)

Best for purest concentrate vape draws

For most flavorful hits with instant heat-ups, we recommend the Plasma dab pen. Using revolutionary quartz bowl heater (quartz/glass bowl on top of the very powerful heating element) this wax pen delivers the instant pure and intense concentrates vapor. Because the bowl does not touch the heating element the dab taste and flavor if absolutely free of metallic taste.

Best for On-the-Go everyday wax vape pen

For On-the-Go, travel, trips or just everyday use, we have the Aficionado, portable dab vaporizer. In our opinion, it is the best wax dab pen for every day, discreet use. Two wax atomizer options (dual coil and full ceramic heater) let you experiment on vaping dab concentrates and find your own, preferred way to vape them.

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