HoneyStick SPORT Essential Oil Vaporizer













  • Universal 510 Thread MOD
  • Sub-Ohm Resistance
  • Variable Voltage / Wattage: 5W to 60W
  • Temp. Range: 200°- 600°F
  • Built in battery with 2000mAh

The Best Vaporizer for Cannabis Oil

The Sport by HoneyStick vape kit with 2000mAh Mod, preheat & variable voltage functions. Powered with 2ml oil vape tank, sub-ohm resistance ceramic heater.

Cannabis Oil Vaporizer - The Sub-Ohm Sport

It’s an awesome way to get into cannabis oil vaping

The Sport model essential oil vaporizer has a primarily metal tank with a small cutout glass opening that is actually indented. It is great to carry around a safe vaporizer. If you drop it or something, more than likely whatever it falls against will not make direct contact with the glass of vape tank. More protected and sealed as well as concealable. If you’re vaping THC, CBD or any cannabis oil – casual observer might not be able to look into the details to see what you are medicating on.

Sport sub-ohm oil vaporizer
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Vaping essential oils with sub-ohm resistance

Technically this is a 510 thread battery it has a leather carbon fiber trim grip on the sides here and it has the brushed aluminum. The internal rechargeable battery has 2000 milliamp-hours (mAh) and it has a maximum operating wattage of 60 watts. This oil battery does have temperature control functions. It is a more advanced MOD with some built-in safety features like overheat protection. Of you are running the vapes really really hot and really hard then when it does get to the point where it heats up to possibly damage your unit the unit will automatically start powering itself down. It also has a standard 10-second timeout function. The temperature control adjustment options and 5W-60W power-adjustability are great for other oil tanks or wax attachments that you might get. The Sport Sub-Ohm is truly the best cannabis oil vape pen we ever reviewed.

Cannabis oil vape tank and MOD vaporizer
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Essential Oil Vaporizer Kit

HoneyStick Sport Sub-Ohm starter kit in silver finish with carbon-fiber trim. Brushed aluminum body that is a very high glossy texture. The oil vaporizer kit contents the USB charger cable, a spare heater, sub-ohm cannabis oil vape tank and MOD battery.

sub-ohm oil vaporizer for essential Oils

Cannabis Oil Vape Tank

The Sport 2ml tank will work with most Mod batteries on the market as long as they are in 510 threads. A top airflow control tank designed to be leak-proof. When your first time uses the sport oil tank you are gonna want to push the plus sign when prompt, which says that is a new coil now. What it does then is instead of giving it the full power that you want, the unit is automatically programmed to help you with a break-in the coil so it’s not going to bring the power on hard and possibly burn dry heater. It disperses the power until your coil gets broken and good to vape. If your coil already is broken in/used then you will select the minus sign which will be an old coil so that just goes into the usual vaping mode.

Entry-level cannabis oil vaping unit

The cannabis oil is usually thick and requires separate ‘priming’ of the coil before usage. The sub-ohm coil has the inlet holes on the very bottom making it a much easier oil vape tank to prime. A great feature if you’re not an experienced vapor because when you fill the tank you simply put the coil in and it pushes the oil up in through the inlet holes. This will already prime the tank which means that once you’ve put you’ve put the coil into the tank you only have to wait three to four minutes without any need for priming liquid treatment.

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