Ripper Vaporizer for Essential Oil & Wax


Battery Life


Vape Tank Compatibility


Design, Look and Feel


Flavor Delivered





  • HUGE Rips & Big Clouds!
  • Discreet, Small and Powerful
  • Dual Quartz Wax Tank for Intense Hits
  • Sub-Ohm 1ml Oil Tank


  • Gtreat Wax & Oil Tanks but not compatible with other vapes

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The HoneyStick Ripper CBD Oil & Wax Vaporizer

Vape Kit Highlights:

  • 1 x High Capacity 1300 mAh Rechargeable Battery
  • 1 x CBD Oil Vape Tank w/ Ceramic Heater
  • 1 x Dual Quartz Wax Vape Tank
  • 1 x Micro USB Charging Cable
  • THE BEST Taste & Large Rips
  • Oil Tank Capacity: 1 ml
  • Ohm Range: 0.1 ohm – 3.0 ohm
  • Dimensions:2.65″ L x 1.8″ W x 0.81″ H
HoneyStick Ripper - Sub-Ohm Vaporizer for CBD Oil and WAax

The HoneyStick Ripper – one of a kind compact sub-ohm vaporizer

The new updated version – Ripper 2.0 vaporizer is even stronger and better build. The HoneyStick Ripper’s power and intensity of rips this vape deliver are famous all over the youtube! Ripper’s size and click-to-flip function make this vaporizer totally disguised as a high-end cigar lighter or one of those really nice expensive torch lighters. Very convenient for vapers who do not want to get any attention when vaping their precious oils or concentrates.

The Ripper Sub-ohm Vaporizer for Essential Oils

The upgrades to Honeystick Ripper

We absolutely love this vaporizer because it is intense, power and durability. The upgraded Ripper vaporizer has an outside design change. The textures have a rubberized layer over it with the little honeycomb pattern. Higher grade metal is used with a textured imprint so you can actually feel those lines with your hand. The Ripper vaporizer has some nice weight to it. It’s not excessive to where you’re going to feel it in your pocket. It has a spring-loaded top with that nice classic click and it just feels perfect in your hand. Best CBD Products Reviews team score the top design of Honeystick Ripper vaporizer at max 10 points.

The telescopic mouthpiece is hard to pull out, so Honeystick has made the mouthpiece bigger so you can easily grab and hold it – than pull. It extends telescopically.

The fire button is located at the top of the Ripper next to the mouthpiece, very convenient for vaping placement. This mini vape unit still has the big-boy battery capacity 1300 mAh, so it’s super high power. Because it’s a sub-ohm setting it’s an ultra-low resistance so once you press the fire button it’s really going to come in and vape hard. It doesn’t have variable temperature settings – the Honeystick Ripper is set on one level and that is INTENSE, but without sacrificing taste. This vaporizer is not for the faint of heart.

Honeystick Ripper upgrades to oil tank, wax atomizer & mouthpiece

The Ripper 2 in 1 vaporizer for CBD oil and wax

This 2 in 1 vape kit comes with a powerful wax adapter as well as an oil vape tank. See our best wax pens category if you’re concentrate vaping enthusiast for more wax vape pen options. However, our review team places the Ripper at the very top of the list. Come in a solid, well-designed box, with all the key features and specs on the back. You’ll have the Ripper vaporizer sitting there, pre-loaded with Oil vape tank. The box feels just like a really nice quality very thick core box great for storage or travel. All accessories, including your wax vape atomizer/cartridge, are in a flip-to-open compartment inside. You have there a dab tool that comes with for the wax adapter, a dual quartz core wax atomizer chamber, a high quality charging cable and Honeystick Ripper instruction manual.

The Ripper Vape kit for Oils and Wax
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20% OFF

HoneyStick Coupon Code

Enter our ongoing promo code into "Discount Codes" field on HoneyStick Shopping Cart Page to get 20% OFF your entire purchase. Courtesy of the Best CBD Products Reviews.

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How to use Honeystick Ripper for Oil and Wax Vaping

First, you’re going to flip the unit open. Remember, this vaporizer does not work with standard 510 threaded cartridges. Because there’s a sub-ohm resistance involved, the proprietary cartridges for this unit are custom made just for this model. If you’re looking for a more classic oil vaporizer, more like in pen style, see our reviews for the best CBD vape pen. We always try to focus on vape pens which perform the best with CBD oil for our audience.

Using a micro USB charging slot on the side of vape, plug the charging cable and get a full charge on. It this is a big meaty battery once you charge it is going. The vape battery will last a long time with that 1300 mAh capacity. Out of Honeystick concealers, it is the most powerful and high-capacity mini vape.

Next, hold the base of the Ripper, grab the mouthpiece (not the top piece which is a telescope you grab the bottom) and gently turn it counterclockwise which is going to unscrew the mouthpiece completely. Put that down and flip the unit over and then your oil tank/capsule cartridge comes out. This tank is meant for vaping essential oils. To fill the Ripper oil cartridge you just hold the bottom base and unscrew the top piece nice and slowly pull it out. The inlet holes on the heater are big meant for thick oils. Honeystick Ripper 2.0 has larger heater inlet holes to help alleviate the problem of priming. Now even thick oil will access the heating element without any extra steps.

When you need to get a new heater or when you’re taking a unit apart to clean, you just grab this bottom heater and you unscrew the top part counterclockwise.

How to use the Ripper for oil and wax vaping

How to fill oil vape tank in Ripper vaporizer

The oil tank plunger will drop in and take up some of the space within the tank. You have a max fill line right on glass tube, about halfway. When we’re filling it with oil does not go past that max fill line because when you put the plunger in the oil can come out the top and you don’t want your oils to leak. So let’s fill this tank up. What I’m using here today is a 300mg CBD Oil form GoldLineCBD. Just going to place down in the cartridge center. This is a tincture so we’re just slowly going to drip it down until we get up to the max line.

Slowly screw the plunger in. Give it a good hand tight so you feel the gaskets and the threading. Put it back into the unit and give it like 20 minutes before you fire it up and take your first hit. You need to let that that oil gets into the center core of the heater so you’re not going to get any type of a heater taste or a dry hit that will shorten the life of your coil. Next, you take your mouthpiece and you screw it back on. Make sure that you get it nice and hand tight. The way the Ripper works is a bottom electrical connection so if this connector is loose you’re not going to make the electrical connection (or full electrical connection) and it’s not going to fire.

Honeystick Ripper 2 in 1 Vaporizer for CBD Oil and Wax

How to prime the oil cartridge in Honeystick Ripper

Because we are using this not viscous CBD vape liquid we don’t need to prime the heater itself. But If you have really thick oils you will have to prime the heater first by taking a drop or two and just drop it directly onto the inlet holes before inserting. Or if it’s really thick concentrate then you can actually take the heater apart and just drop oil right into the center of the heater. That will automatically prime your heater up. Because our CBD oil isn’t really thick or viscous we can just insert it nice and slowly without any priming.

How to turn it ON and OFF

To turn the vaporizer ON and OFF, once it’s been charged, is simply to push fire button five times. You see it blinked up three times that means that it is now on to turn it off the same procedure five times and now it is off and locked. Because Ripper vaporizer has a cap it’s not super important to always have it off. The cover makes sure things aren’t going to make contact with your button. So it’s not something to be aware if you throw it in your pocket or if you’re careless and it’s accidentally fired or make a mess. You might leave it on or off and you don’t have to worry about burning up your oils. Ripper vaporizer does have a 10-second safety timeout on it and the blinking pattern that will show if there is either a connection problem or if you need a new heater.

When you push and hold the button to fire and nothing happens but LED light is going to blink multiple times you may have to tighten down the mouthpiece.

If you do have your mouthpiece tightened down good, have a good electrical connection, you push and hold it you don’t get any vapor then you know it’s time to switch your heater. Whether it’s your wax atomizer or your liquid cartridge that means you need a new heating element.

How to use the Ripper’s wax atomizer cartridge

Your concentrates capsule or your wax cartridge comes apart at the top. It’s a solid stainless steel piece, very sturdy construction. Wax tank has a deep-dish ceramic bowl with a center splitter with two thick and powerful quartz rods. You’re going to get good taste and purity of your wax concentrates. The heating rods support that big-box power that this battery brings. Real nice and tense hits and heat-ups time.
The top around the edges is threaded to receive the top part of wax atomizer – which has the airflow hole at the top. This is where you will be drawing the wax vapor through. There is also added a mesh filter here, so you do not draw in or inhale any particles that do not vapor and this is going to catch whatever comes through here.

Grab trusty little dab tool that came with the kit, and load the bowl with your wax concentrates. Try to keep the material away from the threads. Get it close to the rods or gently even on to the rods. If you do get it on to the threads, just kind of pack it on down but be very gentle don’t put much pressure onto the rods. Spread the little wax particles around the rods. Once you fill it up, screw the top on, get a nice good hand tight and our wax and dab adapter is now filled.

How to fill-up oil and wax vape tanks in Honeystick Ripper

Unboxing the Honeystick Ripper video

The Ripper is new and improved and the only Sub-ohm conceal (concealer) vaporizer for oils and wax ( as it is a 2 in 1 unit) The outside of the unit and the technical specs of this high capacity high powered vaporizer make it the most powerful pocket vape for oils and wax and also disguised as a light makes it ultra discrete.

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HoneyStick Coupon Code

Enter our ongoing promo code into "Discount Codes" field on HoneyStick Shopping Cart Page to get 20% OFF your entire purchase. Courtesy of the Best CBD Products Reviews.

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