Davinci IQ Dry Herb Vaporizer













  • Precision Temp. Control 250-430° F
  • Replacable, Powerful 18650 Battery
  • 51 Light Innovative Grid Display
  • Just AMAZING purity levels for flavor
  • Highest quality - 10 Year Warranty!
  • 3 Smart Heating Modes
  • Innovative Flavor Chamber
  • Two Different Mouthpieces
Davinci IQ review - by far the best CBD Flower Herb vaping device

Davinci IQ review – by far the best CBD Flower Herb vaping device

In our Davinci IQ Vaporizer review, we want to answer many How-To questions regarding operating this super-smart top-shelf dry herb vaporizer. The thing that really sells Davinci IQ vaporizer is how small and yet how powerful it is. This dry herb vape unit has an all-ceramic heating chamber with amazingly constructed air pass vents. The heating chamber is extra supersized, large enough to be filled with a fat joint amount of cannabis herb. The IQ unit communicates and display settings using one of a kind LED lights grid system. The vaporizer has some the best functionality and delivers the most powerful hits compering to any other dry herb vaporizer on the market.

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Our review first look at Davinci IQ dry herb vape

Davinci IQ Vaporizer – Fist Look

CBD products review team unanimously love the way this unit looks & feels. The Davinci IQ Vaporizer is very well built, you will feel some weight when you hold it as well as kind of top-class electronics texture. The outer shell is a smooth brushed aluminum finish and it’s available in Stealth, Copper, Gunmetal and Blue color options.
To turn the Davinci IQ ON / OFF you simply five times click the fire button, which is standard for all vaporizers. Once you turn it on you will see moving arrows light sequence meaning that the unit unlocked and ready to use. The light grid display has 51 LED lights. The LED grid display us used to communicate and notify you about setting changes and status in an amazingly simple yet super informative way. From displaying simply blocks to show the power level to moving arrows and numbers for temperature settings.

The unit came with two different mouthpieces that you could use. One raised, with a plastic tip about 1/2in long – for those who like intense herb vaping and need to give extra cooling space to the vape. The second one recessed, more commonly used mouthpiece is a flat one with air holes in it. The kit also includes one carry can, a keychain tool, some cleaning items and, the Davinci smart-phone app available for both iOS and Android.

Davinci APP for IQ Smart Paths heating modes

Davinci IQ Heating Modes

Once the device is unlocked (turned ON) you can choose between three different heating options. Smart Paths, Precision Mode, and Boost Mode.

IQ Smart Paths Heating Mode

With Smart Paths, you get four fully customizable session options. Each path can be set with an exact session duration, starting temp, middle temp and ending temp. You can fully only customize these smart paths with the Davinci APP.

IQ Precision Mode

Precision Mode allows you to select any temp between 250 and 430 degrees Fahrenheit.

IQ Boost Heating Mode

Boost Mode is activated by pressing and holding down the control button. Activating boost mode will rapidly increase oven temperature all the way up to 430 degrees Fahrenheit and maintain that temp until you let off. Letting off the button puts the device into a rapid cool-down mode and places it in standby.

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Davinci IQ Conduction Air-Path Heating Chamber

Ceramic Heating Chamber of Davinci IQ Vape for Dry Herbs

The ceramic heating chamber is located at the bottom of the IQ vaporizers, and designers at Davinci Vaporizer really thought this through. First, you will flip open the bottom cover. Right the way you will notice the plunger kind of ball is the part of the cover. This little ball is used to perfectly pack loaded dry herbs into the chamber as well as completely cover it to avoid ashes and residue everywhere. The top metal surface (herb loading platform), once you flip the cover, is shaped lightly in kind of bowl way with slightly and smoothly raised edges making loading the chamber with your dry herb flower super easy and clean.

The conduction air path heating chamber of Davinci IQ vaporizer is constricted in the way that air vents will constantly keep the airflow, regardless of how thick you pack your material into chamber. With very little efforts you will get amazing big draws. The flavor level is also intense and pure when you vaping your cannabis flower instead of burning it. The heat-up time needed to vape cannabis is only 16 seconds. Real quick heat-up time and the vapor quality from it is pretty amazing! To get the best from your flower dry herb make sure you grind the material pretty well. The IQ’s ceramic heating chamber can hold between 0.3g to 0.5g (fine ground) dry herbs.

Innovative Davinci IQ Flavor Chamber

Innovative Davinci IQ Flavor Chamber

The flavor chamber is accessible in the same way as ceramic heating chamber – just on the other (top) side of IQ vape. Using the pick tool (conveniently located in a special pocket inside of the body of vaporizer, next to the flavor chamber) kind of hook it to the top cover of the chamber and gently pull it out. Then using the same tool hook it and pull the top cover of the flavor tank. The flavor cartridge is meant for an extra flavor to be delivered with main herb substance in the heating chamber, as well as for cooling compartment for the vapor on the way to mouthpiece. Davinci IQ vaporizer is designed entirely for dry herbs, so even the flavor tank looks like it could hold some oils – do not experiment with any liquid form of material there. You may damage the unit this way.

Flip Top Cover to access the Flavor Chamber in Davinci IQ
Davinci IQ flavor chamber compartment

Functions of the IQ Flavor Chamber

The flavor tank allows air to flow through (is not hermetic) cooling the air down on the way. It’s also acting a bit like a filter holding a lot of obstacles from the heating chamber and, if loaded with herbs, may deliver an extra flavor or mixed flavor to whatever herb you loaded your primary heating chamber with. The heated air is flowing over that chamber, slightly vaporizing it and adding flavor to the conduction from your primary herb. Do not fine grind the herbs for this tank, as airflow is very limited here and bit space is needed to cool down the vapor you pull. The flavor cartridge will be heated when you vape but at much lower not enough to vaporize temperature. You can also use it as an extra compartment for your CBD Flower or whatever Herbs you like.

Davici IQ 18650 Size Battery

Davinci IQ Battery and Charging

The IQ Vaporizer is running on standard replaceable/rechargeable 3500mAh 18650 sized battery you could pick it up at BestBuy, Walmart or order online. 18650 is a rechargeable type of battery. IQ charges via a micro USB charging cable connected to the USB charging port on the side of the vape. The 18650 battery takes approx. 2 hours to fully charge a dead battery within the unit. The average battery life is pretty decent at about 50-80 minutes per full charge

The battery within the unit is located under the mouthpiece and you can get to it by opening the top lid, pulling back on this latch, and it should pop right out. To get it back in, open up the flip-cover, the slightly raised end of the battery goes in first, push down the lid and over to secure the latch.

10mm Raised Mouthpiece in Davinci IQ Vaporizer
Pick tool included in Davinci IQ Kit

Cleaning Routine

Cleaning is very easy to do on this dry herb vape. There are 3 main parts to be added into your cleaning routine.
– First, you want to flip-open the top with mouthpiece and clean the bottom of it, to keep smooth airflow.
– Second, you need to make sure your IQ flavor chamber is clean and air can travel through it without any herb obstacles on the way
– Lastly, the ceramic heating chamber needs to be maintained clean to avoid burned flavor or issues with the airflow.

If you perform all 3 tasks every time you’ll clean it – this vape will run smooth and flawlessly forever.

Davinci IQ Review Conclusion - Amazing Dry Herb Vape!

Davinci IQ Review Conclusion

Davinci IQ Review recap: this is CBD flower or cannabis dry herb conduction type vaporizer. It uses a ceramic vapor path, features a full temp spectrum control. The vape is powered by 18650 type rechargeable battery system and comes with an amazing 10-year warranty. The IQ’s compact size, recessed mouthpiece, and haptic feedback make it very easy to use while on the go. The pure taste from the ceramic vapor path makes it very enjoyable to use for everyone who’s looking for dry herb vapor quality.

The bottom line of our Davinci IQ review is that if you want a really high-quality and hybrid herb vape unit – Davinci IQ vaporizer is the one you need to get! This unit is simply the best dry herb vaporizer we ever reviewed. If you are really into herb vaping, you will find all good aspects of it combined into one great unit. Amazing cool features, digital control, super modern design, common replaceable battery that you can use – very high IQ vaporizer, yet super simple.  Supersized heating chamber, a conduction air path ceramic chamber delivering fantastic rips with super-fast heat up time. In addition, you will have a Flavor chamber – a convection air path cartridge delivering secondary flavor mix to your primary herbs vapor. You will get amazing, smooth and flavorful hits from this great dry herb vaporizer. This vape will never fail you!


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