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  • Contains 20 (Large) Edible CBD Gummies per bag
  • Each Eve's Apple gummy contains 60mg cannabidiol
  • 100% Free Of Pesticides and Residual Solvents
  • Eden's Herbals are derived from non-GMO Industrial Hemp
  • NO THC
  • 1200mg of 99% pure CBD per bag
  • FREE Shipping!

Eve’s Apple Sour Gummies

Eve’s Apple CBD Sour Gummies by Eden’s Herbals truly stand to their slogan ‘The bite you can’t resist’. Eden’s Herbals brand is well known for its potent and pure hemp extract products. The Eve’s Apple CBD sour gummies come in 20 pack of large apple-shaped gummies, containing a total of 1200mg of cannabidiol per package (60mg CBD per one apple gummy).

Eden’s Herbal products are tested and clearly labeled. The Lab reports are published and available on their website.

Eden's Herbals Eve's Apple Sour Gummies
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About Eden’s Herbals

Eden’s Herbal products have helped me in so many ways I want to continue using it forever.
I remember how my mind used to race all the time. The CBD within gummies simply slows it down, helps me focus on important tasks, and as a bonus – taste fantastic!

I was feeling a little bit of effects almost instantly. Because Eve’s Apple Sour gummies taste so good, I keep a gummy in the mouth almost till it completely melts.

Eden’s Herbals gummies are definitely working, the flavor is awesome so after the first week of using it, I think two thumbs up are in order! Give it a try, there’s nothing to fear but all in the benefits of your anxiety coming down and some relief on information that you may have.

What do CBD Gummies do?

CBD Gummies – in this case, Eve’s Apple CBD Sour Gummies, help me manage my tense body under stress.

Recently, I had a bit more than a usual intense and stressful day (and I’m sure you can relate). I was working on one of my art projects. All a sudden my whole body tenses up. My back really feels painfully tight, just for a couple of painful seconds – once I stopped working for a minute I was all good. After a while, painful tense comes back again and again.

Knowing I have a bag of Eden’s Herbals in my car I decide to take a break. Just one Eve’s Apple CBD sour gummy did the trick (they are so yummy I have to fight myself every time to avoid eating all of them – I just love sour candy!).

60mg of CBD (per each gummy) works perfectly for me, after 15 minutes I was totally pain-free and finished the project the same day! Eden’s Herbals CBD sour gummies and the CBD effects, in general, are making my life so much easier where anxiety is not an issue anymore.

Eden’s Herbals Eve's Apple CBD Gummies Package
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