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Reviewing Honeystick Beekeeper look and design

In our, Honeystick Beekeeper review we exam the mini vape mod for essential oils from the Honeystick. The Beekeeper is their all-time bestselling vaporizer, and no surprise there, as this cute mini-mod exceed our all expectations during the review. We will also provide how-to instructions on common tasks related to this unit, such as refilling your 510 thread oil vape cartridge, how to turn the unit on / off, charging best habits and tricks and more.

Super-compact and powerful concealer, the Beekeeper is offered in 2 amazing designs. Mate black option – true conceal setup and with ‘chameleon’ multicolor finish. This mini vape mod got high 9.1 score in our HoneyStick Beekeeper review.

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HoneyStick Beekeeper Features review

Amazing features – the most convenient mini vape mod you can have on the market. The Beekeeper is the best CBD oil vape mod you can get for under $50 ($34 – to be exact). The cartridge is constructed to handle THC or CBD vape oils (even the thicker ones). We have placed this vaporizer in our CBD Vape Reviews category because it is the best and most reliable CBD oil vaping unit we could find in its class. It is basically an upgrade to the classic CBD vape pens – but you would rather have a Beekeeper than one of the typical vape pens. First, it looks way cooler and more functional. Small, compact, easier to hide and carry. It’s about half the size so it’s going to fit in your pocket better it’s a concealer, so it protects the cartridge from damage, leaking or even from being seen. Many cartridges on the market are glass and if you have it on a vape pen battery and in your pocket that cartridge more likely could break.

Hands-on Honeystick Beekeeper Review of all the features for this vaporizer

Reviewing technical specs of HoneyStick Beekeeper

Beekeeper Vape Battery

The beekeeper has about 25 percent more power than a typical CBD vape pen battery. It will give you a much larger hit and a better cloud. It’s a push-button operation type mod when you control your vaping getting a full power every time you press the fire button. In compressing to auto draw vapes it doesn’t use the power of your head to actually turn on and heat up the battery. A push-button battery is much more efficient and usually has a much smoother flow on your inhale. Beekeeper’s vape battery also has more capacity than vape pen – 650mAh with 20W power. You’re going to have to charge it a lot less in between carry.

Beekeeper Vape Kit - magnet adapter, Mod battery and refillable 510 oil vape cartridge

Reviewing the HoneyStick Beekeeper Functionality

Beekeeper Vape Kit – What’s in the box?

You will get your Beekeeper from HoneyStick in the very nice box.
The kit includes:

  • 1 X HoneyStick BeeKeeper 2.0 Mod – 20W, 650mAh Capacity / 4V Output MOD
  • 1 X 510 Thread Refillable Oil Vape Cartridge – 0.5ml capacity
  • 1 X The New, 12mm Wide Magnetic Connector / Adapter
  • 1 X Micro USB Charging Cable
Unboxing the Honeystick Beekeeper vape kit

510 Thread Oil Vape Cartridge

You can either fill up the 510 oil vape cart yourself or buy THC or CBD prefilled cartridges from your favorite dispensary or website. Then simply pull out the empty cartridge that came with the kit and unscrew the magnet adapter at the bottom. Make sure not to lose this magnet adapter as it is necessary for Beekeeper vaporizer to work. Then take your prefilled CBD cartridge that you buy at dispensary or vape shop and you simply screw the 510-thread magnet adapter on to the end of vape cartridge. Make sure it’s screwed on securely, so it makes good electrical contact. Then you’re going to drop it into the vape mod (you will hear a click that means it’s a good connection). The Beekeeper is using a magnetic connection between cartridge and mod battery so it will just pull straight down.

How to use Beekeeper mini vape cartridge

How to refill vape cartridge

Honeystick Beekeeper vape kit includes refillable 510 thread vape cartridge. To refill it with your precious CBD or THC oil first simply “wiggle” out the mouthpiece. It’s not screwed on since this cartridge has a rubber plug sealing the oil vape tank. Once you pull out the mouthpiece you will see little blue rubber plug at the top of the tank. Pull this small blue rubber stopper out (don’t lose it because it’s used to seal oil tank later – without it, the tank will be leaking oil everywhere) and the cartridge is ready for a refill.

Using a syringe or one of the refill bottles with a pointy tip, fill up the cartridge through the hole at the top with your favorite oil. There is nothing else to be dropped in the tank so the level of liquid will remain the same – meaning you may fill it up with oil almost to the top. Some other 510 cartridges have oil reservoir and heater element separated, requiring you to fill up the tank just a half-way as a level of liquid will increase once you drop heater in it.

How to refill 510 thread cartridge form Honeystick Beekeeper
How to refill Beekeeper's oil vape cartridge

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Getting Ready to Vape

Once you fill up your tank plug back in the blue rubber stopper. Take a second to make sure you push it firmly inside – remember this is the seal for the tank so if it’s not fully covering the top inlet hole it may leak later, wasting your oil and leave a mess. Once the blue plug is secure, push back the mouthpiece on the top of the cartridge and its ready to go. Next, you will screw a 510 thread magnet adapter at the bottom of the cartridge and just drop it into the Beekeeper mod. Your Beekeeper vape is now loaded and ready to vape.

Refilling oil vape cartridge

Troubleshooting HoneyStick Beekeeper Vaporizer Video

Dan from HoneyStick goes through a troubleshooting guide, Do’s and Don’ts in the event you have a problem with your HoneyStick Beekeeper Concealer mod. What if the unit isn’t firing or charging or vaping properly? Dan walks you through a step by step instructions on making sure you did everything right to ensure your BeeKeeper is running properly. Find more answers to troubleshooting issues at HoneyStick FAQ page.

How the Beekeeper works

To turn your unit ON you have to press the fire button five times. You’re going to see a blue LED light flashing a few times which means the unit is ON and ready to vape. Next, you will fill-up or use prefilled vape cartridge. Screw on the magnet connector and drop it into the mod battery. Push and hold the button and inhale. Throughout the duration of the inhale continue holding the button and when you’re done let go. The unit is then on standby. We recommend that whenever you’re not vaping the unit, or it isn’t in an immediate use push the button five times again to turn it OFF. Doing this will help preserve the battery life and prevent any incidental fires of the vaporizer in your pocket.

Beekeeper Mod battery with 12mm wide opening for cartridges

How to charge the HoneyStick Beekeeper Mod

Charging the unit is very simple. The Beekeeper has a micro USB charging port located on the side. Most Blackberry Android or micro USB cables that you have around the house should work just fine in the event that you lose the USB charging cable that came with your kit. Simply plug it into the side port of the Beekeeper (it’s going to click in). We always recommend that you use a wall adapter to charge any of your vaporizer battery due to electric stability. (try not to use power strips or laptops or computer USB ports)

Charging HoneyStick Beekeeper Vaporizer

What’s new in HoneyStick Beekeeper 2.0

The new Beekeeper 2.0 is an upgraded version of their best-selling model 1.0. The new version has two color options: classic mate black beekeeper finish and a limited-edition multicolor option – the chameleon finish, multi-coated glossy supercar style paint. The high-quality feel upgraded the grade of the metal, so it feels a little bit more durable to your hands.

The upgraded version has tightened up the button so that when you push on the resistance is a little bit different and it’s also tighter in there. They put a lot of effort into the button resistance upgrade.

The barrel of the beekeeper 2.0 has now 12mm diameter – a very wide bore, so it will fit all the wide size 510 cartridges or any CBD prefilled carts on the market. They also upgraded the battery giving it a bit more battery juice and power. Beekeeper 2.0 operates with a 650mAh capacity battery.

The Honeystick Beekeeper Review - Mini Vape Mod Features, Design and Functionality

Honeystick Beekeeper Review Conclusion

With the price-tag of $34, the Beekeeper 2.0 is definitely affordable vaporizer. Super simple to use for all level vapers from total beginners to pros. Performing excellent! We have tested it out with 300mg Mango flavor CBD oil and results we’ve got exceeded our expectations for such a small mini vape mod. We’ve got very decent cloud and super-strong flavor delivered with the first push. This is greatly simple and powerful high-performance mini-vape mod you guys are just absolutely going to love! Did we mentioned 90 days, no question asked guarantee for the Beekeeper? Yep, its included with any purchase from Honeystick so shop with confidence. Best CBD Products Reviews team score this great vape mode at 9.1 because of upgrades to the battery, durability, and total compatibility with any CBD oil 510 cartridge.

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