HoneyStick BeeKeeper - Conceal mini oil vape mod

$34 - $48












  • Ultra Mini Conceal Design
  • Ultra Wide Opening to fit ALL 510 cartridges
  • Low resistance magnet adapter for a stronghold and max electric current
  • Very Affordable Price Tag
  • Perfect for prefilled CBD or THC 510 carts
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The New HoneyStick BeeKeeper Review – Wider, Better and Improved!

Honeystick Beekeeper Review

The new upgraded version 2.0 of the famous HoneyStick Beekeeper oil vaporizer is now available. With this upgrade of HoneyStick best-selling model of conceal oil vaporizer they really took a huge step forward towards user experience, especially for vapers using prefilled oil carts.

First of all, the new version keeps the classic black beekeeper finish, but also offer a limited edition rainbow beekeeper which is done in the multicolor as you can see the chameleon paint which is a multi-coated car style glossy paint. Very high-quality look and feel.

The 2.0 Beekeeper is more durable than previous model, with tightened up the ‘fire’ button so that when you push on it the resistance is a little bit different and it’s also a little bit tighter (in Honeystick Beekeeper 1.0 the button was loose, and you didn’t get a good push on it). Guys at Honeystick really put a lot of effort into the button resistance.

The 12mm Cart Opening Upgrade

The most significant upgrade is in the barrel of the vape MOD. The opening of the magnetic vaporizer where you drop your oil cartridge has a very wide bore (12mm) so it will fit all of the wide 510 thread cartridges. In our  HoneyStick Beekeeper review, we’ve tested a bunch of typical prefilled oil cartridges from the dispensary, and many refillable 510 vape tank available on the market. Even the big fat brass-knuckles carts, even the Flavor-Ex ones, even some of the old-school Kingpin ones, that people couldn’t get to fit into the Beekeeper 1.0 – all of them fit in and work flawlessly.

12mm Wide Vape Cartridge Opening
Beekeeper Vape MOD Functionality

Beekeeper Vape MOD Functionality

Part of our HoneyStick Beekeeper review is testing its functionality. General operating rules remain the same, standard for most vaporizers. Five clicks of the power button to turn the unit ON/OFF. Push and hold throughout the duration you inhale to get a puff. However, with the new version, Honeystick team upgraded the battery which gives you a little bit more juice and power with every inhale. Power vapes are one of the key qualities that people loved about the beekeeper vaporizer.

When you push fire is going to be a little bit different. It’s going to start off smoothly without any kind of burnt taste to really maximize your flavors. Going to start off really smooth but roll into a really strong and big hit, in about half a second! The timing of this vape is a little bit different from the standard vaporizers. The MOD battery is definitely more sophisticated. Check out our HoneyStick Beekeeper Instructions and How-To’s page

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Magnet Connector Improvement of the New Beekeeper 2.0

Beside of the wider bore, the new Honeystick Beekeeper has a wider magnet adapter. The new proprietary magnet has a wider inlet hole, so if you have a skinny cartridge you don’t have to worry that you’re going to get excessive wobble or the cartridges can be prone to fall out. Honeystick made a proprietary magnet that’s going to take those worries away in the event that you are using a skinnier 510 cartridge. The Beekeeper 2.0 has a magnet that fills out the complete diameter of the outside of the barrel. The strong, wide magnet which has a much better polarity that’s going to create a stronger bottom connection, more power and reduce any type of malfunctioning that could arise out of the connection. It will keep your cartridge locked much tighter and a skinnier prefilled cartridge is not going to move around.

Magnet Connector Improvement in 2.0
Check out product introduction video

Dan Hoff, COO of the Honeystick introduces the follow up to the best 510 thread vape concealer the beekeeper with the launch of the 2.0 version.

Our Review Conclusion

If you’re into essential oil vaping, especially those expensive CBD or THC oils from dispensaries – this is the best vaporizer you can buy. Super small, fully stealth powerful vape, great price and compatible with all sizes of prefilled oil cartridges you can get! The new Honeystick Beekeeper is now available on their website.

This is a big upgrade to the original Beekeeper 1.0 concealer. We’re really happy with the way that this performs and strongly recommend this vape MOD in our review to everybody who is into CBD oil or THC oil vaping. Make sure that you guys go and check it out.

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