HoneyStick ELF Review – Auto-Draw 510 Mini Vape for Oils













  • Super compact elegant design
  • Buttonless (ayto-draw) design
  • High Capacity 350mAh Battery
  • Available in 6 classy colors
  • Very Affordable Price Tag


  • 11mm wide opening may not fit all 510 carts
  • Carts must have bottom air-holes
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Honeystick Elf Review All-Colors

Honeystick Elf review for this one of their bestselling auto-draw mini vape mods.
The Elf ultra-compact auto-draw conceal vaporizer. A magnetic concealer for 510 thread vape cartridges that is an auto draw – completely buttonless.

What auto-draw vaporizer means?

In our Honeystick Elf review we want to first explain what auto-draw functionality is in vaporizers. Auto-draw vapes including vape pens are activated by inhaling process. Once you connect your 510 thread cartridge to the Elf magnet adapter and drop it into Mod all you have to do is inhale to vape. There are sensors detecting pressure in the Elf Mod battery and once you draw your cartridge, the electric connection is established to initiate a vaping process.

Honeystick ELF Review of mini mod vape
Pink Elf mini-vape for oil cartridges

The ELF Video Review by HoneyStick

Check out the HoneyStick ELF review video by Dan Hoff. He is going through all features and highlights of this Auto-Draw button less design of this high-quality aerospace feel ELF vape concealer. The HoneyStick Elf vape kit is meant for prefilled 510 Cartridges as well as refillable 510 carts. The Honeystick Elf concealer is a game-changing mini-mod, comes with a high-performance 510 thread oil cartridge with ceramic heater and mouthpiece that you will simply fall in love with (same color as your ELF mod). It has an ultra visible battery LED indicator light through the window that makes you aware when you need to get to a charger. The high capacity battery makes sure to have plenty of life for the people on the go!

Great for wider 510 vape cartridges – prefilled or refillable.

The Elf mini vape unit is made sure to make the hole wider so it’s going to fit a wider range of cartridges. The cartridge hole diameter is about 11 millimeters to fit any prefilled oil vape cartridge you may get online.

Honeystick Elf Review - black color option
Honeystick Elf for 510 vape carts

Unboxing Honeystick Elf review of vape kit contains.

The Elf vape kit comes in a nice box, containing the Elf unit and Micro USB charging cable. Also, instructions and some promotions from HoneyStick. The Elf unit is going to come with the Mod and the refillable 510 thread vape cartridge already in it. Simply pull the cartridge out of the Mod and then you will see attached (screwed in) magnetic adapter that you can either use with the cartridge that came with the kit or you can simply place that onto the other 510 prefilled cartridge that you pick up.

Gold Mini-Vape Honeystick Elf Review
Honeystick ELF Gold 510 Thread Cartridge Vaporizer
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Buttonless vaporizer design of Honeystick Elf

It’s completely buttonless. This unit is an auto draw battery with enough power to fire some of the ceramic cartridges. The main problem with typical auto-draw batteries, that don’t have a button, is an electric power connection being low. When it comes to ceramic 510 cartridges or cartridges that are wider and require more power or current typical auto-draw Mod won’t actually fire them. In our Honeystick Elf review, we’ve tested the unit and it will fire those cartridges without any problem. Actually, the cartridge that it comes
with has a ceramic mouthpiece and heater.

Elf Conceal Vaporizer in White Finish w/ White Vape Cartridge
Honeystick Elf white option for 510 thread carts

The HoneyStick Elf 510 thread oil refillable cartridge

The included in Elf kit oil cart look and feel really good. The ceramic mouthpiece is in the same color as your Elf Mod. This is a high-quality cartridge with ceramic heater, have that kind of purity on it when you’re inhaling. It has a glass premium glass body and high performing ceramic heater core. The Elf vape cartridge capacity is 0.5ml but there is no reason to use 1ml longer carts. With 3.7V output power, the Elf can handle most of them.

Honeystick Elf auto-draw vaporizer in Green finish
Honeystick Elf review vape concealer

Reviewing HoneyStick Elf charging functionality

The Honeystick Elf battery has 350mAh capacity – keep in mind that this is more than enough for mini vaporizers. The micro USB charging port is at the bottom of the battery. Simply plug the included USB charging cord in. We recommend using a USB wall adapter instead of laptops or computers to power up, to make sure the battery gets good and stable electrical current.

Honeystick ELF review picture blue finish
HoneystickElf mini-vape MOD Review

HoneyStick Elf Review Conclusion

The Honeystick Elf is really the auto draw concealer that we strongly recommend.
The Elf delivers the push-button vape pen performance yet is absolutely effortless. The heat-up time is very quick, and you really get everything that you can get out of the vaporizer. The Elf comes in some cool color options. You may get your Elf in blue, very clean looking high gloss white, pink for the ladies, green as an Elf supposed to be, also the classic black, gold and rose-gold – kind of iPhone finish.

If you want to pick up a good auto draw concealer vaporizer that is really
revolutionary – check out the Honeystick Elf!

Honeystick Elf Vaporizer in Rose gold
Review of Honeystick Elf Vaporizer in Rose Gold
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