HoneyStick OG CBD Vape Pen Review


Battery Life


Vape Tank Compatibility


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  • 36W 2600mAh Smart Mod Battery
  • Superior Quality Tank & Vape Pen Battery
  • Sub-Ohm Tank/Atomizer (0.3Ω)
  • Best For CBD and THC Oils Vaping
  • Top-Fill 2ml Capacity Vape Tank
  • Wattage Range: 5W - 36W
  • Variable Voltage
  • Resistance: 0.3Ω- 3.0Ω
  • 3ml 70/30 PG/VG Coil Primer Liquid Included
  • 510 Threaded Adapter

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The Original HoneyStick OG CBD Vape Pen

Looking for a durable CBD vape pen that has refillable oil cartridges, delivers huge hits and a long-lasting battery? If so – your search ends right here – CBD Products Reviews presents: the OG Carbon Fiber CBD Oil Vaporizer. This is one of the most reliable refillable CBD oil vape pens on the market today. This pen can handle many types of extracts and concentrates including CO2 extractions, THC and cannabidiol. This pen can vape all thickness of THC and CBD oil concentrates with acute precision which prevents the concentrate from burning, charring (which can produce a burnt-like taste). The OG Honeystick vape is capable of handling sub-ohm resistances as low as 0.3Ω (ohms) and is packed with a 36W 2600mAh mod battery, this is 4 times stronger than most pens on the market today. Variable Voltage

CBD Vape Pen Review - OG Honeystick Oil Vaporizer

Cannabis Cup Winner – HoneyStick OG Oil Vaporizer

The Honeystick OG Sub-Ohm oil vape pen is a 2017 SoCal cannabis cup winner. It works great for someone who is looking for a CBD oil vape pen that is made very well and provides a great flavor factor. This oil vaporizer is great for the avid CBD vape enthusiast or even someone who is new to vaping. It works with a wicking system that has an integrated heating coil. The OG oil vaporizer has a block style heater that is made of ceramic and is one of the original Honeystick units. It provides a great flavor and packs a punch because of the size of the coil is so large. This unit is capable of running higher wattage for those that really want a big hit. It can go as high as 36 watts and as low as 5 watts by using the battery controller buttons that help regulate the density of your hits.

CBD vaporizer for Thick Essential Oil Vaping

Complete CBD Vape Pen Kit

The CBD vape pen starter kit comes with a 36-watt battery with a hexagon Honeystick insignia and as well as the tank with variable airflow control towards the top. The controller for airflow is located towards the top of the tank unlike most pens to avoid any complications. You can purchase the tank set separately that can be used with other batteries that are compatible. The kit also includes a USB micro charging cable, coil primer and user manual. It works with a standard 510 threaded adapter like most vaping pens which makes it very practical for battery those that like to do battery mods.

Complete CBD vape pen kit w/ vape tank, mod & charger

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Why Choose the OG HoneyStick CBD Vape Pen?

There are many reasons to consider the Honeystick OG CBD vape pen kit. One of the most popular reasons customers choose this product is due to the fact that it provides such great flavor and intensity. Also, because you can use it for CBD & THC essential oils regardless of its consistency. But the amazing features of this pen’s vape tank does not end on oil vaping. This is also the best vape pen for people who are looking for the perfect Dab pen – with OG you can’t go wrong! You can even mix the thick oil and waxy type of concentrates in the vape tank creating a real explosion of flavor.

The ceramic heating container (if kept clean) will deliver a smooth and flavor-filled hit every time. This unit heats up pretty quickly, allowing you to vape on the go when in a hurry.

Another reason why some people like the OG Oil Vaporizer is because it uses a variable air-flow tank that allows you to control the size of your hits. When you open up the tank’s valve all the way, you can take a “monster hit” with this product. For those that prefer mild hits, you can close the valve to reduce the airflow down to a minimum and take long smooth hits to let your concentrate last.

Best vape pen for CBD Oil or THC concentrated Oil

The HoneyStick OG vape pen for THC and CBD oils is a very versatile option that is both discreet and powerful. The tank has a 1.2 ML capacity and uses leak-proof gaskets. The mouthpiece also has a safety mesh for preventing any oil bubbles from coming out of the mouthpiece when using high temperatures.

Overall, this thing is made with 100% quality in mind. We recommend it for anyone that is looking for a quality oil vape pen that is refillable.

How to Operate The Honeystick OG Oil Vape Pen

If you’re using CBD or THC oils, all you need to do is fill the tank up with your favorite flavor of concentrate oil or extract. You can use thick THC or CBD oils, even waxy ones but not crumble or another solid type of concentrates. Go to our the best vape pen for wax section if you want to view dab pens that can take wax or dabs of any kind.

To fill up the vape tank, simply open up the tank by unscrewing the clear glass container from the main portion of the vaporizer. Once the tank is open, start to inject your oil into the tank with your syringe. Don’t wiggle your syringe around too much when injecting oil into the tank and ensure that the airflow valve is closed. Once the tank is filled and settled, you can open the airflow valve back up. Never overfill your tank as that could cause issues down the line. The Sub Ohm tank has a leak-proof container and is able to handle basically any type of concentrate that comes from a syringe. Including some thicker concentrates.

OG Honeystick Vaporizer with Thick THC or CBD Oil Vape Tank

When using thin oils, you may not need to prime the tank so you can skip this step, however – if you are using thicker concentrates that are not so liquidy, you may want to prime the tank. To do so, simply unscrew the mouthpiece from the tank and take the primer that came with your Honeystick kit and adds about 4 or 5 drops straight down into the center hole of the tank. Once finished, put your mouthpiece back on and attach the battery. After that, simply push and hold the button so that the primer liquid can burn up (takes about  4 or 5 seconds). This is done because when you have a new coil without any liquid near it, you may risk the chance of damaging the coil because when it’s brand new, there is no liquid by the coil to keep it moist when burning at extreme temps.

Original HoneyStick CBD vape pen
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HoneyStick Coupon Code

Enter our ongoing promo code into "Discount Codes" field on HoneyStick Shopping Cart Page to get 20% OFF your entire purchase. Courtesy of the Best CBD Products Reviews.

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Once your tank is filled (and primed), close it back up then turn on the battery by pressing the button 5 times rapidly. You can use the two buttons which are used to increase the wattage up and down. The buttons are labeled with a plus and minus sign accordingly. Users’ may choose a wattage setting that they desire to obtain the best hits with the most flavor from their CBD or THC oil. Once the desired wattage setting is applied, you’re ready to start vaping. Simply hold down the main button while taking a big puff and enjoy!

Keeping your Honeystick OG in optimal condition is simple. All you really need to do is replace the coil every once in a while, just like with any regular vape tanks. This CBD vape pen operates in the same way as any vaporizer designed for e-liquid, and there is no reason you could not use it just for e-juice vaping. However, its primary feature is to be able to vape THC/CBD infused oils and CO2 extracts.

Intro Video for HoneyStick OG Oil Vaporizer

The OG Sub Ohm CBD Oil Vape Kit and OG Vape Tank are back in stock. See the presentation and some key characteristics of this awesome vape kit. Also demo of almighty OG HoneyStick vape pen – showing off how to maximize that vape cloud when vaping oils. The Sub Ohm Kit aka the OG Sub-ohm kit was a 2017 Hightimes Socal Cannabis cup winner and is one of the best most flavor-filled vape sets for your oils, syringes, tinctures, and CBD.

Sold by HoneyStick. Price reduced recently to $149.00 for this thick oil masterpiece.

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