Honeystick Phantom How To's Hands-on Review

Honeystick Phantom How To’s and Troubleshooting checklist to help you get the best out of this amazing squeeze box vaporizer. Best CBD products reviews team is devoted to bring you some of the highest quality CBD products and vaporizers general information and highlights. But in the event that you have any trouble with your vaporizer or it’s not working up to par what your CBD oil or concentrate usually delivers, we want you to have and run through the troubleshooting and how to checklist to see how everything works or if there’s anything you can do to quick fix it.

HoneyStick Phantom Hands-on features highlights.

Just by looking at this vaporizer you realize it’s an ordinary vape unit. In Honeystick Phantom Signature edition the vape mod got carbon fiber trim, engraved handle, different type of metals used on it. All Phantom vaporizers are made out of superior quality aluminum. As a squeeze box action vapes, all have a convenient side handle/cover used to fire the unit simply by squeezing it. In Our HoneyStick Phantom review, this amazing 2 in 1 Squeeze Box gets high overall score of 9.1 for its power, vape tanks compatibility, flavor and amazing look.

Unboxing Honeystick Phantom sqeeze-box
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The Power of Phantom Battery

This mini vaporizer for essential oil and wax is powered by 1000 mAh Ultra-high Capacity Battery. Time to charge it full from zero is approximately 2.5h

The Phantom Squeeze Box digital settings How To’s

This vaporizer is meant for thick oil and wax concentrates vaping, however, the 510 thread Phantom vape cartridge works great with any type of e-juice.

How to change temperature / voltage settings in Phantom vaporizer

The unit has 4 temperature (voltage) modes. 3.4V (Red LED), 3.6V (Yellow LED), 3.8V (Blue LED) and 4V (Green LED).

Push the button 3 times rapidly to jump into the next temperature mode. The Phantom will always select next higher than the previous temperature with each 3 clicks selection – and once you get to highest 4V the MOD will start from the bottom.

The Phantom Squeeze-box functions and settings

Phantom’s Pre-heat Functionality

The preheat function is meant for vaping thick concentrate oils or wax. It could be used to initially ‘break’ your shatter concentrates or almost solid thick oils, turn them into more manageable warm liquid without applying full heat to it. Pre-heated concentrates or thick oils will deliver much more intense and full of flavor vape hits.

To initiate preheat function in Honeystick Phantom vaporizer push the button (or squeeze the vape) 2X rapidly. The LED lights will cycle trough colors as the vape heats up.

To stop the preheat process at any time push the button again 1X.

How to charge Honeystick Phantom Squeeze Box?

How to Charge your Phantom Vaporizer

The first thing you need to when you receive your Phantom vape kit is to charge this unit because it’s shipped fully charged. To charge this unit you’re simply going to open up the little magnetic hinge (squeeze action handle) on the side of Phantom. Once it’s open, you will see little micro USB charging port. You’re going to plug the charging cable that is included in the kit. Now connect it to a USB wall adapter. We recommend not to use an Apple or iPhone power adapters because HoneyStick Phantoms will most likely not get a full charge off it. Make sure your device is getting a full charge and is holding a charge.

How to Turn the Phantom Sqeeze Box ON / OFF

All vape kits are shipped with the units locked (turned OFF). To turn your Phantom ON you have to click the button five times rapidly to get it to fire up. You will see all LED lights blinking a few times (4 voltage/temperature indicators) and vape usage indicator light dot above the button. That means the vape is now ON. Then when you push and hold the button again and see the solid LED light come on (the light next to voltage/temp. Setting your Phantom is set on). That means that your unit is now unlocked and ready to vape.

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How to Refill Phantom 510 oil vape cartridge

How to refill Honeystick Phantom 510 oil vape cartridge

The Phantom Vaporizer works with the most prefilled 510 thread oil cartridges. In case you prefer to vape your own THC or CBD oil – the Phantom vape kit contains an empty, refillable 0.5 ml oil cartridge with ceramic heater (CC type vape cartridge) The Phantom oil vape tank has a Pyrex glass reservoir keeps your oils enclosed to be vaporized with 1.6MM inlet holes, which allows vaping of thick oils.

To refill / fill up your oil cart simply unscrew the top of it. Pay attention to little rubber gasket which seals the tank and prevents it from leaking. Once you remove the top and gasket you may fill up the bottom tube of the cartridge (with a heating element in the middle) using a syringe or one of these metal tip refill bottles. Fill it up to about a quarter of an inch from the top of the tube. Do not overfill it to avoid a mess when you will reassemble the tank. Screw the top back on. Remember about the gasket – the easiest way would be to gently push the rubber band into the bottom of mouthpiece and then screw it on top of the tube / bottom of the tank. Next screw the magnet adapter, drop it into a Phantom battery and start vaping.

How To Load Wax Concentrate to Phantom Dab Adapter

How to vape wax with the Honeystick Phantom’s concentrate vape tank

The HoneyStick Phantom vaporizer comes with a unique wax / concentrates vape adapter as well as with DAB Tool. The Phantom wax atomizer is made out of 3 parts which you will screw together. Top mouthpiece and cover, the middle part with the filter, preventing any concentrate from getting into mouthpiece when inhaling. Bottom heater – with ceramic bowl and dual quartz heater coils. This setup provides super rapid heat-ups, amazing flavor, and intensity of vaped wax concentrate. Feeling the wax cartridge is very simple. Take provided DAB tool, scoop some of your wax concentrates and gently apply it into heater bowl without pushing any of the quartz coils or heater assembly which may damage the unit. Fill up the bowl to just above quartz rods level, and do not overpack it.

Next, screw the top mouthpiece with a middle filter on it. Screw the magnet adapter and simply drop it into the Phantom battery and its ready to vape.

Wax 510 thread adapter filter in Phantom Vaporizer

Magnetic Connectors in Honeystick Phantom How to get it right

Now, with loaded oil vape cartridge or wax atomizer, you will screw it onto the provided short or long magnet (depends on the length of vape tank you’re using) that comes with your phantom. Then you simply drop it in and vape. Make sure you screw the cartridge and magnet adapter firmly. If you don’t attach the magnet tight enough, you’re not going to create an electrical current passing through the cartridges to give you connection. On another note – don’t over tighten it! Just make sure it’s on a good hand tight. Now just drop it in (you will hear a pretty loud click), squeeze your box (fire button gets pushed) and start vaping.

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Troubleshooting the Phantom Squeeze Box:

Demagnetized connector

If you put the cartridge/magnet assembly correct and it’s still not working, there are very rare cases where maybe your magnet rubbed up against a rare metal and got demagnetized. Then the magnet and tank will not dock securely into the vaporizer. This will cause disruption of electric connection.

If you feel that when you put your cartridge in there for some reason the magnet isn’t connecting (usually you’ll hear it click and feel pull-down) if the magnet has lost its strength and you don’t feel it pull down just simply switch magnets to try if your first magnet get demagnetized

Malfunctioning Oil Vape Cartridge

Let’s say your magnet is working fine but you still are not getting the setup to work. You have to make sure that you fill up your cartridge. A lot of oil cartridges come prefilled and ready to vape from dispensaries or vape shop. If you’re using a refillable (empty) 510 thread vape cart, you need to fill it up with your precious oils or vape juice of choice. A lot of times it’s not the magnet or vaporizer unit’s fault it’s the vape cartridges fault. To rule it out, we suggest trying another 510 cartridge you may have lying around. Or take the cartridge that isn’t working on Phantom Squeeze Box and try it on another vape battery you may have.

If that cartridge turns out to not work on other batteries as well, then it seems like the Phantom
is fine and you just got another vape tank, or go back to your dispensary and see what they could do for you about getting that replaced.

Honeystick Phantom How To refill 510 oil cartridge

The Phantom Vape Battery Malfunctioning

Let’s say all these things fail and you’re still not up and running:

  • Fully charge the battery for two and a half hours using  a USB wall adapter
  • Unlock / Turn ON the unit
  • You checked the magnet connector
  • You’ve check the vape cartridge

And the unit is not turning on and you’re not getting the light on the battery after you have unlocked it then it seems like there could be a problem with the unit itself and you will have to contact HoneyStick support (call them at 888.420.8858)

Troubleshooting Phantom Wax Adapter

First, you have to make sure that your Phantom vape and wax atomizer are working properly. Take your Dab / Wax cartridge that came with the Phantom vape kit, when you unscrew the top piece you’ll see that you have two little quartz coils there. Take your longer magnet and attach the quartz coils without the top on. Then you take your Phantom and set it on the highest temperature which is 4 volts. That gives the most amount of power. Drop your unit down (without top part of the wax atomizer) and push and hold the fire button. If your unit is working properly the coils will soon turn red. That means there are no connection problems in your unit and it’s able to fire. To take it out you screw in the top and excavate the cartridge now.

Wax 510 thread adapter filter in Phantom Vaporizer

The dab cartridge is not lighting up

If you’ve been using the wax cartridge extensively you may need to replace it. Like any coil, they do burn out over time. Burn out quicker if you overpower them or if you’re using your dab tool and you poke too hard and knock one of the electrical coils out of handlers – then you would need to get a new dab atomizer.

Honeystick Phantom How to & troubleshooting instructional video

Check out the step by step video below on How to turn on The Phantom 2 in 1 Vaporizer & Other FAQ. Dan Hoff, from the Honeystick does a great walkthrough of the features and highlights of the Phantom 2-in-1 Vaporizer for Oils and Concentrates. He goes through all the functions and the instructions on how to use this amazing vaporizer as well as troubleshooting common Phantom issues tips and tricks. The HoneyStick Phantom is a squeeze action, high-end mini vape unit that works with most prefilled 510 thread cartridges and comes with a unique wax/concentrates vape adapter as well.

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