HoneyStick Phantom - Mini Vaporizer for Wax & Oils













  • 2-in-1 Vaporizer for 510 thread Wax and Oil cartridges
  • 4 Temperature Settings: 3.4V, 3.6V, 3.8V and 4.0V
  • Squeeze control action
  • Top rated dual quartz concentrates atomizer
  • 1000 MAH high Capacity battery
  • Refillable 510 oil vape cartridge included
  • 510 Thread wax / concentrates vape adapter included
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HoneyStick Phantom Review – Vaporizer for Wax & Oil

The Phantom mini vape features:
– 2 in 1  unit works with cbd vape oil and concentrates.
– Works Perfect with wider glass tanks
– Top rated dual quartz concentrates atomizer
– Squeeze action trigger.
– 4 Different Voltage Settings:
3.4V, 3.6V, 3.8V and 4.0V
– Preheating functionality
– 1000 mAh Ultra High Capacity battery
Phantom dimensions:
L: 2.67″(68mm) W: 1.5″(38.1mm) H: 0.64″(16.2mm)
10.8 mm wide cartridge opening

Vaporizer for CBD Oil and Wax 510 Carts
$144 – Shop directly on HoneyStick
Honeystick Phantom Review
Shop for Phantom on HoneyStick

The HoneyStick developed the best luxury vaporizer for oil and wax in the game and here is our HoneyStick Phantom review.

The Phantom vape is the first 2 in 1 unit we reviewed that performs both functions: vaping essential oils and wax concentrates perfectly. For concentrates it has a dual quartz rod wax adapter, with a ceramic bowl and upper mesh guard, delivering silky smoothness and big rig power. For Oils it has a premium glass tank that is fillable with stainless mouthpiece and large inlet holes for maximum absorption and big rips. 4 voltage output choices and a preheat setting. If you’re On-the-Go 1000 mAh capacity battery will keep you running without being attached to a charger….our unit has 3 times the capacity as most concealers. This unit is squeeze activated, so no little dinky buttons to find and push, just give it a good grip.

The HoneyStick Phantom is a magnet connector based vape kit. The 510 thread oil cartridge (or wax adapter) is screwed to the magnetic connector first. Two magnet adapters are included with the Phantom vape kit, in 2 different heights. The reason behind it is that 510 carts are coming in different sizes and heights, short or long tanks so magnet adapter will still get the perfect fit. A typical problem with mini vape units is they won’t fit the wider vape cartridges or cart is jiggle around in the chamber. The HoneyStick Squeeze Box Phantom solves that problem by using a wider chamber add super-strong magnet connectors that completely secure your vape cart in the unit.

Review of Wax & Oil Vaporizer The Phantom

In our HoneyStick Phantom review, we’ve tested this unit with one of prefilled CBD oil cartridges. Once you have your tank screwed to magnet and dropped-in you may select the perfect temperature setting to drill down on the intensity you want or flavor you are chasing. Depends on the type of your cart, ceramic or wick-based atomizer, you can select one of 4 temperature settings 3.4V, 3.6V, 3.8V, and 4.0V. The cart we’ve used for review has a ceramic heater so we’ve dialed our Phantom to max 4V and the flavor was amazing! For thicker oil cartridges or when using Wax concentrate, our review team will recommend to always use a preheat option. Check out our detailed HoneyStick Phantom How-To and troubleshooting post with a lot of tips and instructions.

Check out the new HoneyStick Phantom review and introduction to Phantom Signature Limited Edition. Dan Hoff from HoneyStick, as always, provide In-depth unboxing/troubleshooting review of the new HoneyStick Phantom Signature Vaporizer (same great 2-in-1 functionality for Oils, and Wax Concentrates vaping). This magnetic vaporizer meant for 510 thread cartridge vaping. Stealth yet Sexy build out of finest materials only to have the exotic quality feel and durability

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