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  • 1100 mAh Battery Capacity
  • 3 Power Settings 10W, 15W and 20W
  • 100% Ceramic Wax Atomizer
  • Atomizer Resistance: 0.8 ohm
  • Standard 510 Thread compatible with most of vape tanks
  • Fit for all Dab types: Waxy Concentrates, Crumble, Shatter, Badder and more
  • Best vape pen for Wax Dabs

The Stinger Wax Pen Kit is for sale on HoneyStick website with 2 color variations.
$69.00 – Stinger Wax / Dabs Vaporizer Starter Kit (w/ USB charging cable and Dab tool)

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Honeystick Stinger Vape Pen for Wax

The Stinger – one of the best dab pens on the market

The Stinger is the best dab pen for users who are looking for the rich and flavorful vapor in concentrate vapor. With variable wattage and fully ceramic wax atomizer, you will avoid a burned or metallic taste in vapor. Stinger delivers intensity and taste of purity of flavor that you can only get out of tabletop or traditional rigs.

What makes it the best vape pen for wax?

Stinger Ceramic Wax Atomizer 510 Thread

Stinger ceramic dab tank predominantly used for concentrates, wax, dabs any type of shatter or crumble. The vape tank this is made out of ceramic so be gentle with it. To fill it with your concentrate open it by wiggle the top off, which will expose the ceramic atomizer bowl. This is a donut style heater – just take the Dab concentrate, fill-up the ceramic heater bowl (do not overpack it) and wiggle the top back. The stinger is ready to hit. We recommend not run this unit over 12 watts. You’ll run the risk of burning it out or shortening the life of it. The HoneyStick shop does not sell separate ceramic heater bowls for Stinger wax atomizer – you will have to buy a new tank.

510 thread Wax Pen with Ceramic Dab Tank for Ceramic Atomizer best for Shatter CBD Crumble or Wax

Use Stinger as dab pen battery for any wax atomizer 510 thread

The Stinger kit has very powerful 1100 mAh dab pen battery, with 3 temperature/wattage settings – 10W, 15W and 20W output. Choose the best-fit output power according to your preferences.

Stinger has the best dab pen battery for 510 wax atomizers

HoneyStick Stinger How to use & FAQ Video by Dan Hoff

In this YouTube video, Dan Hoff, COO of HoneyStick walks you through the frequently asked questions like Turning The Unit ON / OFF, changing the voltage settings. He shows you the tips and tricks as well as some DO’s and DONT’s from when you get your HoneyStick Vaporizer. He will also explain how to cycle through temperature levels so you can dial in the best intensity level of your vape.

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Shop for the Stinger Wax / Dabs Vaporizer Starter Kit. For sale now on HoneyStick website among other great dab vaporizers for $69. (Kit w/ USB charging cable and Dab tool)

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Upgrade options for your wax vape pen

Upgrade and turn your Stinger into the best vape pen for wax concentrates by pairing your dab pen battery with the HoneyStick Highbrid – the best wax atomizer for 510 thread vapes. The Highbrid wax tank is the dab concentrates adapter attachment that works with any 510 thread vape pen batteries. This tank kit came with one of the best stainless steel dab tools that I’ve gotten my hands on. This high-quality dab tool can be torched, has a really good curve, it’s hard to bend and really precise. Highbrid kit also includes extra rubber gaskets for the tank and extra wax atomizer heater. The dab tank has a full glass body and just like ceramic Stinger wax tank, you open it by wiggling top off. Keep it in mind and be gentle when loading it with your concentrates, especially on your first one.

Stinger wax vaporizer with Highbrid dab atomizer

To fill up this tank, first you wiggle glass top off, then you unscrew the heater cap. This is also your entryway to cleaning it later. This dab tank has a dual quartz rod feeder power plant inside ceramic bowl surrounding the heater area. These are really thick rods and this wax atomizer can run up to high power. It is recommended to keep it below 28 Watts, this way the rods will perform sustainably and it won’t burn out. The Stinger’s dab pen battery maximum setting of 20W will provide a very intense and rapid heat up time.

Highbrid quartz atomizer best for shatter or waxy concentrates

Load your concentrates using your dab tool, very gentle around the rod or even directly onto the rods. The ceramic bowl of the heater itself gets so hot that it will vaporize your dab. The dab tank is designed for wax, dabs, CBD crumble, any type of sauce or any type of solid concentrates. It’s the best shatter vape tank. Once you’ve loaded the bowl with your dabs just take your heater’s top, screw it back on to the heater assembly, gently wiggle the glass top of the tank back in place. Make sure that the glass goes all the way down and once you see the glass tube is fully connected with the base you’ll know that it’s secure and ready to use and it’s happy vaping from there.

Honeystick highbrid wax vape tank kit package
Highbrid wax atomizer for 510 thread vape pens

Shop for the Highbrid Wax Vape Tank Kit with extra wax atomizer heater for just $32. For sale now on HoneyStick website, specializing in vape units for Thick Oils, Concentrates and Dry Herbs.
Piar it with the Stinger Dab Vaporizer to create an ultimate vape pen for wax!

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Can this vape pen be used for wax dabs?

Typical vape pen used for dabs should have above average battery power and some sort of wattage control. Everybody is different when it comes to wax vaping preferences. With this being said, the Stinger dab pen battery carries 1100 mAh of power with 3 settings of output wattage. With this wax pen, you can set your ‘baking’ power to your preferred settings with a few clicks.

Stinger Vape Pen with 510 Thread Wax Atomizer

Can I put shatter in my Stinger wax vape pen?

Absolutely yes! Stinger’s ceramic wax atomizer will ‘bake’ any type of concentrates like shatter, waxy badder, CBD crumble – whatever dab you’re vaping. Just load the ceramic heater bowl with your preferred concentrate substance and vape away.

Stinger Dab Pen with Ceramic Atomizer for Shatter or Wax

Stinger Wax Pen Instructions and How – To’s

Charging the Stinger dab pen battery

First and foremost you would have to fully charge the unit before you start using it. It’s done simply by taking the USB charging cable that came with the kit.

Little TIP here: the charging cable and cleaning rod (also acting as a dab tool) are not visible when you first open the package. You have to lift the plastic insert holder for wax pen and find accessories beneath it. Also, do not throw it away as both: the box and the insert holder are pretty well build and serves great for travel or storage container.

Stinger Wax Vaporizer Kit Package
Stinger Dab Pen Kit Accessories

Once you get the USB cable out, you will plug it into the charging port on the bottom of the battery. Make sure it’s firmly inserted into the charging point. It’s recommended to plug it into a wall USB adapter. Stinger is very high power battery and a lot of times if you just plug it into the computer USB port or other inlets they don’t give it enough power to properly charge the unit. However, laptops or computers USB inlets will work as well. (We’ve charged our Stinger this way without any problems)

Charging Stinger Wax Pen Battery

The Stinger Wax Vaporizer Kit is for sale now on HoneyStick Website for $69. Kit includes 1100mAh dab pen battery, ceramic wax atomizer, charging cable and stainless steel dab tool.

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Push-Button operating vape pen

Once your dab pen battery is fully charged (approx. 4h-6h to fully charge – remember it is 1100mAh capacity battery and usually came charged in 20% or less), simply click the button five times repeatedly to turn ON / unlock the unit. The white LED light around the button will blink several times indicating the vaporizer is ready to vape.

Variable Voltage Wax Vape Pen - 10 Watt setting

The Stinger wax vaporizer has three adjustable temperature settings, which helps you to set the intensity at which your vaporizer operates to your preferences. You can cycle through these intensity levels by pushing the button three times repeatedly. Each temperature/wattage settings is indicated by a different color. When you first turn the unit ON its set at lowest 10W setting indicated by a RED LED light. 3 Clicks later you will jump into Middle setting of 15W indicated by BLUE LED and 3 clicks later you reach the highest setting of 20W indicated by a WHITE LED.

VV Stinger Vape Pen for Wax - 15 Watt setting

At any time you’re done vaping click the button five times repeatedly to lock/turn OFF the unit. Remember to always turn your unit off when it’s not in use or when you’re transporting your dab pen for safety reasons.

VV Stinger Dab Pen - 20 Watt setting

Stinger Dab Pen Review Conclusion

The team at Best CBD Products Reviews gives the Stinger wax pen high score of 9.3 and definitely place it in our best vape pen for wax products group. Beside of variable wattage and amazing 1100 mAh power of dab pen battery, the Stinger’s ceramic wax atomizer proofs to be one of the best tanks for fast heat-ups and dab flavor intensity. The standard 510 thread of battery compatible with just any 510 dab tank, gives you a lot of upgrade options, and as mentioned before, paired with the Highbrid tank (buy it for $32 on HoneyStick website) the Stinger makes best vape pen for wax concentrates you’ll ever use.

Vape Pen used for shatter concentrate, wax, dabs
Stinger Dab Pen Battery and Ceramic Atomizer best for Shatter CBD Crumble or Wax
Stinger Dab Pen with Ceramic Wax Atomizer
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