Aficionado 510 thread CBD Wax & Dab Vape Pen













  • Variable Voltage Battery 3.3 - 4.2 V
  • 2 Heaters ( one sub ohm ceramic plate, one dual quartz rod heater)
  • 2 Mouthpieces ( one Wide-Bore bullet tip, One Hookah taste tip)
  • Solid, High Quality Design
  • Compact size


  • Kit does not come with oil vape tank

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The Best vape pen for wax money can buy!

Aficionado wax dab pen with 2 wax atomizers – Ceramic Plate & Dual Quartz Coil

Best wax dab vape pen w/ dual coil and ceramic heaters

The best wax dab pen vape kit – The HoneyStick Aficionado is the highest quality solid build dab pen, and regardless of its name – it is not only for aficionado dab vapers but for everybody who is looking for high quality, a solid wax pen that will deliver amazing flavor and big hits from your concentrates. Constructed for simplicity and on-the-go vaping. Kit includes two types of dab pen cartridges. Dual quartz coil wax heater, with the ceramic bowl for super-strong hits with instant heat-up and second ceramic plate type of wax atomizer, in form of the bowl. Ceramic dab pen cartridges are designed for flavor intensity and purity. Heat up time is little slower than in coil wax atomizers but flavor intense is amazing and you will never have to worry about burned taste. Both Aficionado dab pen cartridges works fantastic, and since you have two of them coming with the dab pen, you may load both with your concentrate, having one as a backup when traveling – one of the reasons Aficionado is listed as the best vape pen for wax for portable category of dab pens on CBD Product Reviews.

The Best wax pen money can buy - HoneyStick Aficionado

One of the best HoneyStick dab pen – The Aficionado is constructed with supreme quality and durability, made out of stainless steel including two mouthpieces. Cross compatible with both Aficionado wax atomizers – dual coil and ceramic plate. Both mouthpieces are made out of stainless steel. The first wide-bore mouthpiece designed for more vapor and intense of your concentrate hits and second, Hookah Tip mouthpiece for flavor accentuation.

Kit includes 2 wax atomizers for best wax dab vaping experience
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The best wax dab pen functionality with variable voltage

The Aficionado dab pen battery carry 380mAh capacity and come with 4 temperature/ variable voltage settings. Vape pen variable voltage adjustable settings are 2.7V, 3.3V, 3.7V and 4.1V. To set the desired voltage/temperature setting first you need to unlock – turn the unit ON. To do it you will press the fire button 5 times. Same procedure, 5 clicks will turn the dab pen OFF. With the vape pen on (indicated by flashing LED light a few times, you will click the fire button 3 times to change the temperature settings. Each voltage setting is indicated with different LED color, blinking around the fire button. Blue light for 2.7V, Green 3.3V, Yellow 3.7V, and the highest settings is Red with 4.1V output. Absolutely best wax dab pen functionality, with all setting choices, clearly indicated and super simple.

Dual quartz coil wax dab atomizer
Dual quartz coil wax atomizer for rapid heat-ups

The Aficionado wax pen battery has industry-standard 510 thread, compatible with most pre-filled oil vape cartridges. Since this kit is meant for vaping wax concentrates it does not include any oil vape cartridge – but you can use any 510 carts you want.

In terms of the physical size – this is very portable and easy to carry dab pen. The battery is 2.7in (68mm) long with 0.355in (9mm) diameter. Powered by 380mAh battery capacity will let you have fun with your concentrates all day without charging.

Aficionado Ceramic Plate Wax Atomizer
Ceramic with ceramic plate heater wax atomizer

Charging Aficionado wax vape pen

Another reason Aficionado is one of the best dab pens on the market is its ability to use iPhone rapid charger as well as a standard micro USB charger. This dab pen battery has 2 separate charging ports at the bottom. One port is for iPhone rapid charger cable which will fully power up the unit in just 15 minutes. Second, standard Micro USB port will need about 1h – 1.5h to fully charge the battery.

Best wax dab pen with rapid charging feature
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Aficionado Wax Pen Kit Accessories

The Aficionado wax vape pen came in a stylish and compact box, with compartments for dab pen battery, wax vape tanks, and accessories. Very well build, the solid hard box can be used for travel or storage – don’t throw it away! Beside aficionado wax pen battery you will get two stainless steel mouthpieces (one in wide-bore style and second with hookah tip). You will get two different types of wax atomizers as well. One dual quartz coil with ceramic bowl and second with ceramic plate and bowl. Also included with wax pen kit is stainless steel dab tool on a keyring for an easy carry. It is a very well build dab tool, with great shape of spatula at the tip for loading and work with all kind of concentrates. Lastly included is a Micro USB charging cable – everything perfectly fitting in the box, for multiple usages.

Aficionado Dab Pen Kit

The best wax dab pen for many reasons – review conclusion.

Aficionado wax pen kit makes everyone a concentrates professional. Our Best CBD Products Review team give this unit a big 9.1 overall score. For people want to fly a little bit more stealth with their wax and dab vaping but don’t want to compromise on power of hit and flavor the Aficionado dab pen offers a big box and full-size wax atomizer performance in compact stainless steel conceal way. You will be amazed how you can get so much performance out of compact wax atomizers. Supreme construction of the entire dab pen (including mouthpiece and wax atomizer) once screwed together you will never get any wiggle motion – the pen will look like one solid metal piece.

Having dual coil & ceramic dab tanks makes it very best wax dab pen

For On-the-Go. Wax and dab atomizers generally require more power to vape and Aficionado pen battery delivers more electric current “juice” than needed. With rapid 15min charging time via iPhone charger, you can get the battery ready to go in no time. With 380mAh capacity this vape pen battery will last you all day – whenever you go.

For rapid heat-up of your concentrate, you’ve got dual quartz coil atomizer with very low resistance heating wire that still has big power to take bigger hits throughout the ten seconds that these batteries normally timeout. This is a security feature is to protect your coil and unit.

For flavor & taste of your dabs, you will have a unique ceramic plate heater which will heat up a bit slower than quartz coils but it will offer you really good taste and pure flavor of your concentrate, without any kind of metallic or burned taste.

Unboxing the HoneyStick Aficionado wax vape pen

Check out the video of Dan Hoff, COO of HoneyStick unboxing and features walkthrough of the latest Aficionado wax/dab vape pen kit. See why it is the highest quality dab vape pen on the market and best on-the-go vaporizer for concentrates.  With Ceramic and quartz heater options, 4 temperature adjustable battery, and iPhone rapid charger this kit makes everyone a concentrates connoisseur. Unboxing and step by step instruction and explanation of how to use the Aficionado.

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20% OFF

HoneyStick Coupon Code

Enter our ongoing promo code into "Discount Codes" field on HoneyStick Shopping Cart Page to get 20% OFF your entire purchase. Courtesy of the Best CBD Products Reviews.

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