Phantom-51 Oil Vape Pen













  • 500 mAh Power Capacity
  • 2V to 5V Variable Voltage
  • 510 Thread Battery
  • Full Kit - Battery, cart, charger & case
  • Deluxe Look & Performance
  • 90 Day Money-Back Guarantee
Best Weed Oil Pen

Finding a high-quality vape battery and cartridge combo is no longer as difficult as it once was. The new weed oil pen that was just released by VapeHoneyStick has really set a new standard in the industry. It is the simple yet intuitive and powerful combination of two of their previously existing bestselling vapor products – Phantom Twist and the Performance THC oil cartridge.

Phantom 51 Essential Oil Vape Pen
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Get the Phantom 51 Weed Oil Vape Pen from HoneyStick Vape Shop for just $35.00


What Makes it a Weed Oil Pen?

Easy weed oil refill of cartridge

The Phantom 51 was designed as a complete vape pen starter kit for weed oil. This setup contains HoneyStick bestselling Phantom Twist 510 thread battery and famous for its performance THC oil cartridge, w/ ceramic heater and 0.5ml capacity. The vape battery is designed to fit any standard 510 cart. With 500mAh capacity produces enough current to comfortably Vape most thick weed oils and is popular for use with THC. If you’re looking for something bigger and more powerful checkout our Hash or CBD oil vape pen reviews, and remember we publish ONLY the best vapes out there.

The cartridge that comes included with it gives the potential Vape user everything they need to get started on their own. You can make your own oil and put it into the cartridge without any difficulties. If you have tried to find an affordable vape pen that was not too large to easily take with you while traveling, then you will definitely be impressed by this piece of technology. It takes an old formula and turns it on its head. The final result is, without a doubt, one of the most cost-effective vape solutions for vaping thick oils and concentrates.

How to use a vape pen?

  • How to refill a vape tank?
Easy to refill oil vape cartridge

Many vapor enthusiasts have difficulty or don’t know How to refill a vape tank. With a typical cartridge refill, there is always a problem because of the limited space between the tank reservoir and center heater post. Additionally, weed oil is usually thick and not easy to be squeezed into a narrow refill area. Phantom 51 is equipped with a vape tank designed for THC thick oils. The center post and heater assembly are removed for refill of the tank, leaving an easy to access the glass reservoir.

Note that the space of this tank is carefully calculated to include the oil and heater space so make sure you will not exceed the maximum level line printed on the glass tank.

Once you unscrew/remove the top mouthpiece and heater post refill the glass reservoir with your essential oil, up to the MAX line. Then put the center post back and screw firmly together with the glass tank. (You will notice oil level will go all the way up, completely filling up the tank)

That’s it – this is how to refill a vape tank for Phantom 51. Screw the vape tank into battery and vape away.

  • Vape Pen Assembly
Simple Vape Pen Assemble
510 Thread Vape Pen

The vape pen assembly is quite simple. Both, vape cart and battery are 510 thread so simply screw both together and vape away.

The same procedure applies to a USB charger. Screw-on your battery and plug it into any available USB port (computer or wall charger with USB port)

Phantom 51 battery will work great with any prefilled 510 cartridges you may get from your dispensary. Regardless if vape carts have a bottom, top, or no air holes at all.

  • Vapor Battery Functionality
Vape pen w/ preheat & variable voltage
  • Turn It ON / OFF
    5 X clicks (rapid) to turn the unit ON and OFF. Make sure you keep your vape pen OFF at any time when not in use.
  • PRE-HEAT Mode
    2 X clicks (rapid ) to enter the pre-heat mode. Indicated by LED changing color throughout the pre-heat process. Aditional single 1 X click during this process will stop it.

    You can set the preferred voltage output from 2.0V to 4.0V by twisting the adjustment knob at the bottom of the battery. Voltage settings adjust by 0.1 Volt increments.
    Press and hold the fire button (indicated by the solid green LED light). Thre is a 10 seconds timeout security feature.
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Check out the Phantom-51 Vape Pen for Essential Oils on the HoneyStick Vape Shop for just $35.00.


Phantom 51 Vape Starter Kit Includes:

Vape Starter Kit Phantom 51 battery, cartridge, charger and case
  • 510 Thread Vape Pen Battery w/ VV

The battery used for this weed oil pen is one of the best 510 thread batts around. It made with a super-durable, real Carbon Fiber body, so users get a feel of true luxury and performance they are looking for. This battery includes a variable voltage adjustment as well as preheat functionality. You can choose exactly how much current to send through to the cartridge by twisting the bottom end of the battery. You can choose anything from a continuously variable selection between 2 volts and 4 volts of output power.

This pen carries one of the best vapor batteries and will last for a decent amount of time without the need for a recharge. It has a total capacity of 500 milliamperes. This will last you for the whole day unless you are one of the most serious vape users. For many, it will actually last multiple days. There are not so many vape batts that are available for this size with comparable battery capacity. If you want something that will last for a while without taking up too much space, is elegant and powerful the Phantom 51 vape pen will be a great choice for you. The battery also includes a pre-heat function for your thick weed oil, so you do not waste time pulling on your cartridges when it is not hot enough to vaporize your essential oils or concentrates. Speaking of dabs, combined with the Silencer or any other 510 slim concentrate atomizer this is the best vape pen for wax you can find out there.

THC Oil Cartridge
  • THC Oil Cartridge

This cart is what makes it a weed oil pen. With 0.5ml capacity, this THC oil cartridge is a great match to the Phantom twist battery that is included in this package. The THC oil type of cartridge means low coil resistance (1.20 Ohm) allowing rapid heat-ups and powerful rips, and a ceramic powerful heater. It will impact your vape experience greatly. A high-quality cartridge will allow you to get a clean hit and a nice pull every time you use your vape. The type of oil that you use with your cartridge will also not affect the performance of a high-quality cartridge.

This particular cartridge has a half a milliliter storage capacity. You won’t be able to get an upgraded size to a full milliliter cartridge, but half is more than enough for most people. You may end up needing to refill it fairly often, but it will fit all 510 thread batteries.

The ceramic heater that is built into the could give a superior flavor profile when compared to other coil materials. The coil has a 1.2-ohm resistance rating, meaning that it reaches operating temperatures very quickly. This makes it very easy for you to get huge cloudy hits without sacrificing the taste profile you find with many other fast-acting vape cartridges. If you have been struggling to find something that works fast and works well every time, this is the product for you.

510 Thread USB Charger
  • USB Charger

HoneyStick universal USB charger/adapter for 510 thread vape pen battery. Simply screw-in your 510 thread battery and plug it in your computer or wall adapter USB port.

Phantom 51 Vape Pen
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  • Wallet Hard Case

Stylish HoneyStick wallet case to house and to transport all of the components of the vape kit.

The Best Weed Oil Pen Out There!

  • The Most Convenient Vape Starter Kit

When you go out to look for a decent THC oil cartridge, you probably already have a good idea of what it will be used for. If you want the best vape pen for your essential oils, this setup is just a perfect product. You need to realize that not all coils produce enough heat to use with thick oils. You need cartridges and batteries that heat up quickly enough and warm to vaporize your product. Simultaneously you need to balance the heat so as not to waste and burn your oils (weed oil can get pretty expensive).

Phantom 51 vape pen starter kit
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  • Optimal Vape Setup for CBD or THC Weed Oil

Finding a vape battery and tank combo that allows you to easily and quickly vaporize oils is essential for the best vape experience. You also do not want something that will burn your oils. When the oil heats up too quickly, or too much it is possible for you to burn it. This makes what normally would taste brilliant to become an acrid mess. Luckily, this right here strikes a nearly perfect balance that leaves the flavor untouched each and every time.

Compact and powerful weed oil vaporizer
  • Small, Compact, and Powerful!

Finally, there is the ultimate factor when it comes to convenience: size. There are quite a few products out there that can strike a good balance that makes it easy to use and retains the flavor profile of your oils pretty consistently. The major issue with most of these products is that they are fairly sizable, which makes it difficult to take with you while traveling.

The Phantom 51 is with no doubt the best weed oil pen. It will give you the unprecedented ability to take all of your essential oils with you anywhere that you want to go. Easy and discreet. All of this without having to sacrifice the taste of your oils or the portability of your vape. Now you never have to make a choice that leaves one out in favor of the other.

Best Oil Vape Pens On The Market

Why Buy from HoneyStick?

The HoneyStick has a team of dedicated sales professionals ready to answer all of your questions. Even if this product is not exactly what you are looking for, they are ready to help you narrow things until you find something that works perfectly for you. If you have been hesitating to branch out to new vape products, then maybe a team of professionals will give you confidence. Check out the, the biggest 510 thread battery online shop.

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Shop for the Phantom-51 Vape Starter Kit on the HoneyStick Vape Shop for just $35.00.