HoneyStick Turbo Portable Weed Vaporizer













  • 3 stylish color options: Yellow, Silver and Gunmetal
  • Powerful Ceramic Heating Chamber
  • Vibrating Temperature Indication
  • 2 Mouthpiece Options
  • 3 Temperature Settings: 392°F, 410°F, and 428°F
  • 4V Vape Battery Output
  • Rapid Heat-Ups
  • Portable Strong Construction
  • Super Easy to Clean & Maintain
HRB TURBO – Best Portable Dry Herb Vaporizer Under $100

HRB TURBO – Best Portable Dry Herb Vaporizer Under $100

The latest addition to Honeystick portable weed vaporizer family the HRB Turbo. The best drier vaporizer that you can get for under $100. Turbo really competes with vaporizers that are 2 even 3 times the value for the dollar. It’s truly a great bang for your buck. It competes with the best brands in the industry in the dry herb realm.

Best portable vaporizer for weed in terms of giving you a nice pure taste of your flower. You can actually taste some of the different weed profiles. It’s slim, it’s sleek, it’s compact it has a high-quality feel and it will not disappoint in the intensity arena!

Best dry herb vaporizer in 3 colors: Yellow, Silver & Gunmetal

Available in 3 stylish color options: Yellow, Silver, and Gunmetal. Really high-quality feel vaporizer in terms of weight and texture. Constructed with a real nice polished aluminum alloy body with very useful not slippery rubber trim grips on the side. You can hold it securely because of a really nice firm gripping area. In terms of size – it is really not that big of a vaporizer, definitely easy to fit into the pocket.

You have the HRB Turbo logo right in the center and fire button below, followed by indicator lights for each of 3 temperature settings: 392F (low), 410F (medium) and 428F (high). Genuine rubber trims on both sides, with the honey stick traditional hexagons and air vents above grips on both sides. At the top, you have rubber mouthpiece and heating chamber for this unit is located just below the mouthpiece. The Turbo dry herb vaporizer has a fully ceramic heating chamber.

On the other side of a vape pen, you have the HoneyStick insignia as well as the other portion of the traditional hexagons imprinted on the grips. At the bottom of each unit, you have a USB charging port with a protective flap. You can charge the unit with a standard micro USB cable which is included in the kit.

You can select one of these three temperature levels to your preference in terms of taste intensity or heat up speed. These 3 temperature groups are really good averages to give you nice variety of what the weed vaping experience can be.

Shop for the HRB Turbo Weed Vape Pen on the HoneyStick Website for just $99.

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Packing ground weed into vaporizer heating chamber

How to use a Turbo dry herb vape pen

Let’s start with the weed. To use this dry herb vape pen in the most efficient way you should grind your material first. Not too much, don’t turn it into powder, however very fine. Just make sure that air will be able to travel through the ceramic chamber.

Next, remove the rubber mouthpiece to expose the ceramic chamber and fill the chamber with your flower. Not too tight, but not too loosely either – after you load your chamber the first time and test it out you will know exactly the consistency you’re looking for and find a balance between over-packing and under packing it to get the vape density exactly right.

To activate the Turbo weed vaporizer, simply press the power button 5 times rapidly within a 2 second period to turn it on. The unit will vibrate and you will see an indicator light. To select the temperature setting, press the button 3 times rapidly and you will notice the light switches positions indicating that it’s switching between temperature options. To lock in a temperature position, simply press the button once and it will vibrate and start to blink indicating that it is heating up. It takes a few moments to heat up before you’re ready to start vaping! It’s that easy.

Turbo weed dryer heating chamber with protective mash screen

Like any portable dry herb vaporizer, you will need to clean out the container that you put your flower in from time to time. Doing so ensures that you get the smooth clean airflow that you get out of the box from a brand new HRB Turbo. This is because grained weed creates residue when its vaped and this residue can build-up to the point where it obstructs the airflow in the heating chamber. Depending on how fine you grind your flower and how often you vape it you may need to clean your weed vaporizer more often.

To clean you HRB Turbo, simply open up the unit and clean out the container where you place the flower. The heating Chamber is located just below the mouthpiece and is made out of ceramic. Make sure you remove the mesh grill at the bottom of the heating chamber with your dab tool before you start cleaning the chamber. Once the bottom mesh is out you can use the provided cleaning brush tool and a drop of rubbing alcohol to get the residue out after you notice that it’s building up.

The price tag: $99 – The HRB Turbo Herb Vape Pen. For sale on HoneyStick Website.

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HRB Turbo is the best portable dry herb vaporizer

Why HRB Turbo is the best weed vaporizer?

First reason: price-tag. It’s definitely the best dry herb vape pen for under $100 on the market today. The HRB truly is a great bang for your buck that competes with some of the best dry herb vaporizers on the market. When compared to similar models that cost 3 times as much, customers say that the HRB delivers the same if not better-quality performance at a fraction of the cost.

Second reason: usability. Small, super-solid build portable weed vaporizer with Turbo heat-ups and 3 temperature settings. It has a very cool vibrating indication of power adjustment. Simple to use, simple to clean – best for everyday cannabis enjoyment. Very powerful battery

HRB turbo weed vaporizer kit w/ 2nd mouthpiece, dab tool and USB cable

The HRB Turbo has 3 temperature settings allowing you get the desired taste and density of your hits. It goes from 392 degrees to 410 degrees all the way to 428 degrees Fahrenheit. When used at the highest setting, the HRB is capable of delivering very intense hits and large clouds. Many weed vaping enthusiasts enjoy being able to fine-tune the temperature for different types of extracts and oils to maximize the taste profile. If you’re not sure about temperature settings and dry flower vaping, you can always start with the lowest setting and then work your way up to see which setting gives you the best taste profile for the flower you’re using. Each flower strain can have its own optimal vape temperature so it’s important that you try different settings to test our which is best for your flower.

Turbo weed flower vaporizer

For those looking for the best weed vaporizer that not only looks amazing but that also performs like a bong – look no further. The HRB Turbo slim, compact, portable dry herb vaporizer is available in 3 colors – silver, black and yellow. On the sides, you will notice the honeycomb insignia that represents our brand – Vape Honey Stick. Very solid construction, made with an aluminum alloy body with ergonomic grips made of high-quality rubber that makes it easy to hold. It has a high quality full ceramic heating chamber that is made to work with any type of dry weed including CBD flower.

The Turbo is easy to operate and designed for super-portable use. The unit has conveniently located USB charging port (charging USB cable is included in the kit) located at the bottom of the device. Overall, this product is considered to be the highest quality best portable dry herb vaporizer on the market with a lot of positive reviews about it from users.


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HRB Turbo Instructions and How To’s

How to operate the Turbo portable dry herb vaporizer

Charging the unit

Before you do fire up your unit you want to make sure that you have a full charge on your weed vaporizer battery. At the bottom of your unit you have a little sliding cover. On one side you have a micro USB charging port, and once you slide the cover over the port, you will see a little air hole on the other side. That’s a pass-through air hole. For all who prefer taking those monster, lung hits keeping this air hole open will allow more air to pass through the chamber of this weed vaporizer and let you inhale double time!
For vapers who are just looking to take 1-2 hits of your weed, without a crazy cloud, you keep that hole covered. There’s still a very small exposure so it still going to let the air go through the chamber but it will not let the big volume of air through.

You will charge this up with the provided USB cable. Plug it in the bottom port, you are going to hear the click once the cable is secured. Plug the other end into a wall adapter or computer USB port. We recommend a wall adapter over a computer USB port due to stabile electric current in the wall outlet. You can use basically any type of wall adapter except for an Apple. In some rare occasions, these units don’t get a full charge off of Apple and iPhone wall adapters. Charging times for the Turbo portable dry herb vaporizer is between three and a half and four hours.

Once you plug the vape into charger there’s going to be a blue LED light indication. The button is going to blink and while it blinks it means it’s charging. Once the light goes solid and then after a while it goes away that means that you’ve got a full charge.

Charging the HRB Turbo vaporizer
How to turn the weed vaporizer ON

Once filled up and ready to go, you will turn it on by clicking the button five times rapidly within a two-second period. The unit vibrates and you’ll see an LED light indicator over last temperature setting you had this vape on (or first – low temp. 392F if you turn it on for the first time)

How to Change Temperature

To change temperature settings you click the button 3 times, to go between settings. Once you select your temperature, you will push the button one more time and then when it flashes that means that the unit is heating up to get to the temperature you selected. Once this weed vaporizer actually gets to required temperature it will be indicated by vibrating the unit once again and it’s ready to vape.

Now you can take some puffs by pressing the fire button. The vaporizer will automatically turn off itself after some time without any activity, but if it is not in use and you’re done vaping go ahead and click it 5 times to turn it off. It will vibrate again to indicate the unit is off.

Changing Dry Herb Vape Temperature - 3 settings
Cleaning Your Portable Dry Herb Vaporizer

We do recommend cleaning the unit frequently or after usage to preserve and get the best life as well as performance. Simply take the mouthpiece off, knock out whatever you can by turning it upside down (don’t bang on it or drop it). Next, take your brush (make sure it’s dry when you’re using it). Make sure your unit is not ON or hot. Next, remove a mesh screen from the bottom of chamber with your dab tool. Then simply take the brush into chamber in and out twist it around knock out anything that’s in there and repeat it until you get it nice and clean. As you can see the cleaning of the heating chamber is quick and simple, unlike in more sophisticated herb vaporizers like Davinci IQ the Turbo can be cleaned up in a few minutes. Another reason to choose this portable unit.

One important thing, do not get any moisture on the inside of the chamber or vaporizer. Once you’re done using the brush you can wash the brush off with some water or you can just blow dry it out. You can also clean the mouthpieces with soap and water – just make sure not to get water or moisture on the inside of the chamber. After all, this is an electronic device.

Cleaning dry herb heating chamber

Why weed vaporizer vs joint or bong?

Now that’s a very popular topic of discussions all over the net and youtube: Should I use weed vaporizer, traditional joints or desktop bong for my flower? Let’s go through some comparison.

First, we all know that a good cannabis flower is not cheap (LOL – even the bad one cost a lot), so we definitely do not want to waste it. And with this in mind – the weed vaporizer is the best choice! The cannabis material is used in the most efficient way, without burning your flower which is a pure waste of flower.

Joints will allow you to use much more of the weed without re-loading and yet, because of combustion, you’re wasting a lot of that flower by smoking it. It’s an old fashion “movie style” of using cannabis, however smoking joints still is very popular among cannabis users.

Bong is a much more effective way of smoking flower but due to its size and way of working it is definitely NOT a portable solution. It’s great for use at home but compared to weed vaporizer has very limited usage.

Turbo weed vaporizer with 2 mouthpieces

How this vape really works

It’s actually quite easy to operate. You will take your herbs materials, grind them up – you don’t want to put any big bulky clumps in there. Make sure you grind them so that they’re going to fit into the chamber. Then you wiggle off the top mouthpiece which is going to expose the internal ceramic heating chamber.

Turbo portable dry herb vaporizer is using fully ceramic heating chamber that does have conventional induction ports. Provides a real nice flavor, taste and good vapor. One of the reasons it’s the best weed vaporizer is a rapid heat-up time. I mean almost instant vaping of your herbs after Turbo heat-up. On the cold unit, with a good battery charge, after you fire it up you’re going to get to weed vaping temperature in less than 10 seconds which is really quick for portable dry herb vaporizer.

Protective Mash Screen in heating chamber
Best Dry Herb Vape Pen w/ Fully Ceramic Heating Chamber

At the bottom of the ceramic heating chamber, you can notice a little mesh grill, that covers up the bottom induction ports. You can easily remove that with a little dab tool included in the kit. If needed you can pull that mesh grill to clean it and to access the bottom of the heater. What that little masher does is it keeps the fine ground dry herbs from getting down into your unit and causing any problems. It’s really a preventative tool to help from getting particles down into the bottom heater and plug the airflow.

With your weed herbs ground, fill up the chamber but do not overpack it. You want to pack it up to about where you see the white ceramic top off. You don’t want to overfill it or push down material to prevent bending or damaging the mesh screen. Next, put the mouthpiece back onto the unit firmly. Kind of wiggle it in and once you see it the edges are covered you’re ready to vape.

This is the coolest portable dry herb vaporizer. It has a vibrating indicator function to let you know in the unit’s going on going off or getting between temperatures. You can put it in your pocket or have it around and still, you are going to feel or hear it.

Herb Vaporizer with all Accessories and extra mouthpiece

HRB Turbo portable dry herb vaporizer kit contains

The Turbo weed vaporizer kit is going to come in a nice premium slide-out box. On the back you have HoneyStick company information as well as the contents of the kit:

– Micro USB charging cable
– Second mouthpiece with extended glass pipe for heavy-duty usage when the unit is getting heated up
– Premium Dab tool. Very useful for taking the screen off the bottom of the chamber.
– Your cleaning brush to keep your internal heating chamber nice and clean
– Instruction manual
– The Turbo portable dry herb vaporizer with a primary mouthpiece attached.

HRB Turbo Kit for dry herb vaping
Turbo Weed Vape Pen Accessories

The Turbo Dry Herb Vape Pen Review Conclusion

If you’re at home or on the go, the HRB Turbo portable weed vaporizer is durable and ready to go at all times. The HRB Turbo sits firmly in your hand due to the fact that it has rubber grips on each side made with a high-grade rubber. Many people who suffer from sweaty palms like the fact that it has built-in rubber grips. They claim that they don’t have to worry about dropping their vape pen as often compared to other models with a slick design that can easily slip out of your hand when you’re sweaty.

If you’re looking to get the best portable vaporizer for weed on a slim budget, this might be the best option for you. The HRB vape pen for dry herb is one of the best value deals on Best CBD Products Reviews website. Whether you’re into CBD flower or traditional THC flower – you can use the HRB turbo for either one and still get the best tastes and hits while on the go or at home. The HRB is a versatile dry herb vape pen that gets the job done well at a price point that doesn’t break the bank.

Definitely pick up one of these HRB Turbo units – the best weed vaporizer you can get your hands on especially for the price of $99.

Charging port and air hole at bottom
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