Twist Vape Pen Battery for 510 Oil & Wax Cartridges













  • High Capacity 500 mAh
  • Variable Voltage Battery
  • Quality look and feel
  • 4 great finishes: Black, Silver, Red, and Blue
  • Preheat Function


  • 510 vape cartridge not included

For sale on HoneyStick Vape Shop with 2 variations and 2 different price-tags, both super-low!
$20.00 – Twist 510 Thread Battery kit (4 Colors w/ USB charger)
$28.00 – Twist 51 Oil Vape Pen kit – 3 colors, vape cartridge, charger & case.

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HoneyStick Twist Pen Battery 510 thread

New HoneyStick Vape has arrived! The Twist oil vape 510 thread battery for all prefilled carts and adapters, with 500mAh power and twist knob, controlled variable voltage option. This is a really high-quality battery. You’re will feel the difference in these pens versus a lot of other twist vape pens on the market. With the 500 mAh it’s going to give you a lot of time in between charges. It’s very sturdy constructed vape battery. If you like pen-style vaporizers or you’re looking for a nice everyday battery for your prefilled 510 carts or wax adapters this is a unit for you.

HoneyStick Twist 510 vape batteries come in four colors options. Very nice aqua-blue fire-red with a yellow logo, black, and silver. Packed int black box which has instructions in them as well as some of HoneyStick promotional materials, and USB charger. You would simply screw it to the battery and plug-in any USB port.

Push-Button Vape Pen Action

The unit has a real high-quality button with a good spring action. Very solid construction to preserve a good life on your button and prevents it from getting stuck in the body.

Five clicks repeatedly to turn ON / OFF and now because this battery has a strong spring in it you want to click it decisively. The button LED light will blink up indicating the unit is ON.

Pen Style Vape for 510 Cartrides w/ Push-Button Action

Conceal 510 Battery with Variable Voltage

The HoneyStick Twist Oil Vape Pen Battery is super-compact in actual dimensions. This battery is great for transport and everyday use. Really easy to screw the charger in, and to load a cartridge. You can use a multitude of 510 thread prefilled cartridges, refillable carts or wax atomizers with HoneyStick Twist Vape Pen Battery.

The battery operates with pushed-button action and carries 500 mAh capacity.
It is a very compact portable size battery with 0.45in (11.5mm) diameter and 3.54in (90mm) length

Compact and Portable HoneyStick Twist Vape Pen Battery Review

Introduction Video of the HoneyStick TWIST Vape Pen Battery

In this video, Dan Hoff, COO of the HoneyStick introducing the newest addition to their vaporizer family. For those looking for a more colorful flair to the best 510 thread battery for prefilled cartridges, Dan goes through the latest new options to their already amazing 500mah Variable Voltage Slim Twist battery. This video will show some close-ups of the Blue and Red Twist sticks newcomers to the pack and briefly discuss the features and functions of this amazing battery.

Best CBD Oil Vape Pen for any 510 Prefilled CBD Cartridges

If you are into vaping CBD oil there is no better 510 battery you could use in order to set up the best CBD vape pen for you. This pen will work with any 510-thread prefilled CBD oil cartridges. NO matter what kind of oil or what type of 510 cart you’re using, power-hungry cartridges with ceramic heaters or typical wick systems – twist oil vape pen battery can handle it. In addition, you will have a temperature/voltage control, to hit exactly the power you personally prefer.

When using with prefilled CBD cartridges or any oil tanks make sure you keep the connectors clean. In case you get a leaky cartridge – make sure you clean connector in the middle of 510 thread of battery.

Turn it into Best CBD Vape Pen with any 510 CBD prefilled cartridge!

Affordable Best Wax Vape Pen Option with 510 Dab Atomizer

Simply turn it into best vape pen for wax by pairing your Twist pen with the Silencer 510 thread Wax tank also sold by HoneyStick. This amazing dab adapter is designed for portable usage with 510 thread stick batteries. The Silencer, small and stealthy wax vape tank, looks like a standard vape pen setup.

Twist vape pen battery and silencer wax atomizer - best vape pen for wax setup!

Variable voltage twist battery carries pretty high 500mAh capacity for such a small vape pen. It’s called a “Twist” battery because you can adjust the voltage from 2V to 4V using little Twist know at the bottom. With 4 Volts output – this pen delivers more than enough power to vape any of your Dab concentrates and deliver red-hot hits.

Best for Dabs vape combo: Twist 510 battery and Silencer wax vape tank
Twist 510 vape pen paired with silencer wax cartridge

The Silencer 510 Wax atomizer is for sale on the HoneyStick website for just $15. If you would like to transform your Twist battery into the best vape pen for wax without breaking the bank, you should definitely get one and pair it with your battery.

$20.00 – VV 510 Thread Battery – Visit the product page.
Visit HoneyStick Vape Shop and pair the Silencer with one of the best vape Mod or battery on the market.

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Best Wax Vape Pen with Silencer Dab Atomizer

HoneyStick Twist Vape Pen Battery Instructions

How To Turn On Vape Pen?

Standard five clicks will turn the unit ON/OFF. You can hear by the way that it clicks that you have a nice resistance and spring action on the battery.

How To Charge HoneyStick Twist 510 battery?

Using the USB charger that comes with the Twist Kit, screw it into the battery and plug-in any USB wall adapter or computer USB port. Full charge time is approx. 2h. The USB charger is one of those where you screw the battery in by its top 510 thread and plug this into any USB port of your computer or USB wall adapter. We recommend using a wall adapter over computer USB, and definitely stay away from using an apple wall adapter but will work great with any other chargers like BlackBerry, Samsung, Android…whatever.

The Twist vape pen has a charging indicator LED light. You will get this pen charged in full in approx. 2h. Generally, the battery comes on a 30% charge, so we recommend charging it in full when you get.

HoneyStick Twist 510 Pen Vaporizer Battery with USB Charger

How To Use a Preheat Function?

A preheat function is available. For situations where you need to break your wax concentrate or thick oil before properly vaping it. With a twist battery, you can run the voltage so low that you may never need it but in case you do need to use a preheat mode you will click two times repeatedly (while the battery is on). You will see the LED light it turns red and starts changing colors as preheat is initiated and running. The maximum time before the battery will automatically end preheat is 15 seconds. You may exit this mode at any time during the process by simply clicking the button one time.

If you need to use a preheat function, mostly with dab/wax atomizers or when vaping really thick THC or CBD oil, when the battery is on the click it two times repeatedly. You will see the LED light around button turns red. It will start with a red color and as it’s running through a preheat mode the LED changes colors. The maximum preheat mode time is 15 seconds. If you push the button at any time during the process the unit will exit the preheat mode and its ready to vape.

510 Thread Vape Battery Kit with Preheat function and Variable Voltage

Variable Voltage Twist Functionality

You can dial in your desired voltage using Twist knob. There is a little but clearly marked notch there. It looks like a little indentation hole right at the bottom of the silver trim of twist piece. The voltage settings are clear and simple as most of the vapers don’t want to keep track of five clicks ON five clicks OFF, three clicks to cycle through, which color indicates which temperature or preheat, etc. Users simply want click-and-vape unit – and that exactly what it is.

Twist 510 battery operates with adjustable twist voltage knob at the bottom. Adjusts all the way from the low end of 2 volts all the way up to 4 volts and you can adjust it incrementally by twisting the dial so you can really set exactly where you want your cartridge vaping intensity level to be.

Different voltages increase or decrease intensity you vape tank will work with. With more intensity equals more vapor. The more battery power you use – the higher temperatures you are going to vape at (also the faster it’s going to run down your battery). Twist Stick Battery Power is a 500 milliamp, so it is more powerful than a lot of the batteries on the market. You are going to get good usage between charges.

2V - 4V Twist Variable Voltage Settings

General specs for the Honeystick twist vape pen battery.

First, many Kudos to VapeBatt for sending us this high-quality 510 thread battery for review, check out their vape shop for many more vapor goods. Ok, back to our vape stick, it’s a variable voltage battery. You get to dial in on your voltage by twisting the bottom knob. This is not one of those eBay twist batteries where the knob falls off or the button falls through. It is not one of those plastic pencil feels like pens but real nice solid metal vape pen unit. This is a quality vape battery, rechargeable, that has a high 500mAh capacity and high output power going to dial into the 510 cartridges.

The HoneyStick Twist is the best starter battery that you can get your hands on that has no useless extras in order to save you money and paired with your prefilled CBD oil cart it will make the best CBD vape pen you ever had.

As long as the batteries ON/OFF go, it has industry standard 5 clicks activation. Everybody is using this combination pretty much on every vaping device. Then there is 2 click to enter preheat mode and simply one to exit – but this function is most likely to be used by users who will turn the Twist into vape pen for wax by using 510 dab concentrate cartridges. An ideal, affordable, not complicated, and yet powerful vape pen for CBD oil usage or THC prefilled cartridges, the HoneyStick Twist 510 battery is definitely worth consideration.

Stick Battery with Variable Voltage for Prefilled 510 carts and refilable cartridges

Our Review Conclusion

Best CBD Products Reviews team scores this vape pen kit at 8.7 due to its power, functionality and compatibility with any 510 vape cartridge.  For anybody who is looking for the best CBD vape pen or portable dab pen setup Twist vape battery is the one. For beginners and pros – best everyday vape pen battery to use on your prefilled CBD cartridges that are 510 thread. Very nice pen style, high-quality vaporizer. 500mAh capacity gives you a lot of usage between charges and gives you good power. If you’re on the hunt for a stick vape pen for your CBD oil or concentrates – check this one out, and when you’re shopping for cartridges or wax vape tanks, make sure you’re shopping on HoneyStick. This 510 thread twist stick battery has a push-button action, preheat and variable voltage functionality. It’s a simple but 500mAh powerful battery with high-quality construction and on a bargain!

Portable VV Vape Pen for all 510 cartriges
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