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  • 2000 mAh Dab Pen Battery
  • 60 Watt max output
  • Variable Voltage
  • 510 thread battery and cartridge
  • Triple coil wax atomizer
  • Ceramic Donut secondary heater
  • Extreme Hard Hits
  • Complete vape kit for concentrates
  • Free waterproof carrying case
  • 90 Day Money-Back Guarantee
Extreme Dab Pen Kit by HoneyStick

Extreme Sub-Ohm Vaporizer for Wax Concentrate

Are you looking for a powerful dab pen to use with marijuana wax concentrates? If so – then the Sub-Ohm Extreme Wax Vape Kit is certainly a product that you’ll want to consider. This product was created based on the demand for a powerful vaporizer for smoking wax that can handle various types of concentrates. It is using a powerful dab pen battery with variable voltage control to dial in the perfect temperature.

Extreme Vape for Smoking Wax

The Sub-Ohm Extreme Concentrate Vaporizer is made by combining a 2000 mAh box Mod battery from the Honeystick Sport Vape Kit and Extreme wax cartridge with 2 exchangeable heaters. The Extreme dab atomizer kit comes with a 1x Triple Quartz Coil Heater and a 1x Ceramic donut wax heater.

Extreme Dab Pen Vape Kit
Wax Vape Pen - HoneyStick Extreme

The Extreme wax pen is a must-have vape for those that are looking to get powerful and flavor-rich hits from smoking wax concentrate both whiles on the go or at home. Each of the parts that make up the Sub-Ohm Extreme are top sellers, with great reviews and are designed to provide a hassle-free user experience. The kit includes the main components (wax battery + dab cartridge, 2 heaters, and spare parts) a USB charging cable, a user manual, a dab tool. The whole set is packed in a shockproof and waterproof carrying case, perfect for on-the-go.

The Extreme vaporizer is offered for an already lower price in comparison to buying each unit included in vape kit separately, and it ships quickly when ordered online. All orders over $100 ships free at the HoneyStick website. To make a deal even more extreme for our readers:

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What Makes the Extreme Best Vape Pen for Wax?

If you’re on the market for smoking wax vaporizer and wondering what makes the Extreme the best vape pen for wax, consider the fact that this is one of the most powerful vaporizers for dabs on the market.

Best Vape Pen for Wax

The Extreme vape kit is so powerful because it combines 60W dab pen battery and sub-ohm, triple coil wax cartridge (with the option to go ‘softer’ by using ceramic donut heater). The coil heater uses 3 huge coils and a large ceramic bowl easy to fill with concentrate. The wax atomizer is powered by a powerful, variable voltage mod battery that lasts for a very long time.

Triple Coil Wax Atomizer
Wax Pen Vape Kit

The vape mod itself is probably the best 510 thread battery we ever reviewed. With its industry-standard thread, this box mod will work with 99% of vape cartridges available on the market. Combined with oil carts, it will become the best oil vape pen you ever used.

The Extreme is extremely easy to use just like all of HoneyStick vaporizers that work with a digital display and variable wattage. Let’s discuss each component individually to understand why the Sub-Ohm Extreme is the best vape pen for wax on the market.

Best Vaporizer for Dab Wax
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Dab Pen Battery

With this kit, you’ll get a powerful 2,000 mAh dab pen battery, that is known to last for days if used moderately. This Box Mod with the internal battery has a huge range of output wattage or temperature levels allowing you to dial in the perfect power for your specific type of concentrate and vape cartridge. Since marijuana wax concentrates react differently to different temperatures, this is a critical feature that avid vape users need to get the best flavor from their hits.

Powerful Dab Pen Battery
Best Vape Battery for Smoking Wax

The Extreme wax battery is very energy efficient and easy to use. Box Mod battery has the ability to set the wattage level from 5 watts all the way up to 60 watts with the push of a +/- buttons, below the LCD screen. At 60 Watts, you can easily fill up a room with vapor with just a few big rips which are unheard of with a hand-held vaporizer.

It’s a very versatile dab pen battery that is also very sleek with its brushed polish steel finish and Honeystick Insignia etched into it. The LCD display and the buttons work together to control the wattage settings, temperature settings and to keep an eye on your key stats ( resistance, battery life, Puff count, Power/temp setting).

Extreme Dab Pen powered by 60W Vape Battery
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Extreme Wax Cartridge

When combining the powerful Sub-Ohm Sport battery with the Sub-Ohm Extreme wax cartridge, you get one of the most advanced vaporizers on the market. This setup is extremely durable and effective. The most sophisticated dab vape cartridge zeroed on powerful hits and flavorful rips. Definitely a wax tank for someone that is looking for smoking wax in a vape pen with a ton of value.

Wax Atomizers for Extreme Dab Tank
Magnetic Wax Cartridge Cover

The Extreme marijuana wax cartridge has a steel body, a glass chamber that is discreet, and leak-free air inlets that provide the ultimate flow for vapor. The tank chamber and mouthpiece assembly use the handy and strong magnetic connection, making dab refills super quick and convenient.

Magnetic Cover for Easy Fill Up of wax cartridge
Wax Pen Cartridge
Ceramic Donut Dab Atomizer
  • Ceramic Donut Wax Atomizer

    Included in the Extreme vape kit, you will get a pure ceramic donut heater which can be used optionally as well as a high heat resistant mouthpiece that you can also use.

    The solid ceramic bowl has a drop ledge on it which makes it easy to load your concentrate and it helps to contain and disperse the high temperatures while maintaining the perfect temperature all across its surface.

Triple Coil Wax Atomizer
  • Triple Coil Wax Heater

    The triple coil heater is the heating component that gives Extreme wax atomizer its name. It uses a deep ceramic bowl with Tri Quartz coil (triple coil heating system) and can easily run 30-38 Watts without any problems. It delivers very dense clouds of vape and truly extreme hits. Because it has three coils and sub-ohm resistance it will heat-up instantly to a red-hot oven plate-like chamber for smoking wax.

How to Use a Dab Pen?

Instructions on how to use a dab pen must also include the particular vape unit how-to’s and assembly instructions and a dab pen user manual.

Wax Cartridge Elements
  • The Extreme dab cartridge.

    Your vape tank is made out of 4 elements:
    1. Two types of mouthpiece – one stainless steel and second heat-proof plastic mouthpiece
    2. The stainless steel magnetic chamber
    3. Two types of wax atomizers (triple coil heater and ceramic donut)
    4. The tank base with 510 thread screw and airflow control ring

  • Wax Cartridge Assembly.

    – Both exchangeable mouthpieces are mounted to the magnetic chamber simply by pushing it into the designated hole at the top of the tank chamber.
    – Both exchangeable wax heaters are mounted by screwing into the threaded heater base, on the opposite side to the 510 thread screw of the cartridge base.
    – The tank base and covering stainless steel cartridge chamber are mounted by a strong magnetic connection between them. Simply pull the mouthpiece/chamber assembly away from the base. Since the magnetic connection is pretty strong, the best way to do it is when the dab cartridge is already screwed into the battery.

Wax atomizer installation
Replacing vape tank mouthpiece
  • How to fill up dab cartridge

    -Both donut and coil heaters are made with oversized ceramic bowls with a drop ledge carved for an easy fill-up with concentrates. Using the dab tool apply your marijuana wax or shatter over the coils or simply fill up the donut chamber up to the steel rim at the top of the ceramic heater.

How to Fill Up Wax Cartridge
  • For Solid Concentrates

    For harder consistency concentrates like shatter, rosin, or crystalline you may set your wax pen battery to a lower wattage range, like 10-15W, and press the fire button for few seconds during the fill-up to initially melt the material and dispense it equally over the coils or the ceramic bowl. It will also give you a visual idea of how much dabs you’re filling up the cartridge with.

  • How to use a dab pen guide

    – Assemble securely together with your Extreme cartridge and dab pen battery by screwing two together using 510 thread connection
    – Charge your Box Mode battery via a micro USB port on the side and USB charging cable
    – Turn the vape battery ON/OFF by clicking on the main fire button 5 x rapidly
    – Set desired Wattage output with +/- buttons at the bottom of the LCD Screen
    – Press and hold the Fire button through the duration of your inhale. Note, there is a 10-second timeout security setting. After 10s of constant vaping you need to release the button and press it again to continue.

Extreme Dab Pen Assembly
Vape Battery Variable Voltage
Charging Vape Pen
Wattage Voltage Temperature Settings
  • Advance Battery Settings.

    You may set the battery mode to match the specific type of coil you are using, allowing you to limit the temperature you vape at. Available options are Stainless steel (SS), nickel (NI), and Ti (titanium). The last, fourth option is PO (Power Mode) representing simply wattage mode, the most common and universal setting. To change the mode you will need to press and hold both ‘+’ and ‘-’ buttons together for 2 seconds, and then select the desired mode with +/- clicks. To confirm your selection press the fire button.

  • Power Mode / Wattage Adjustment.

    Once in PO mode press the ‘+’ or ‘-’ buttons to select desired output wattage in range of 5.0W to 60W. Extreme wax pen battery have very precise wattage adjustments by 0.1W intervals.

Box Mode Battery Warning Signs
  • Common Warning Signs

    ‘Weak Battery’ – when the output voltage is lower than 2.95V when vaping or lower than 3.4V before vaping
    ‘Check Atomizer’ – Battery is not connected properly with the atomizer or the atomizer is malfunctioning
    ‘Atomizer Short’ – When the coil resistance of your vape cartridge is lower than 0.1 Ohm.
    ‘Temp High’ – When the vaporizer unit temperature is higher than 158F for a longer period of time. Stop vaping for a while and let the unit cool down.

Smoking Wax with Extreme Hits

Hands down, this is the best product for huge hits from literally smoking wax in the Extreme vape cartridge. This is definitely The Dab Pen, for someone that is looking to buy a daily-use vaporizer that is designed to hit hard constantly, no matter what type of marijuana wax you chose. The power of its wax battery combined with the Extreme sub-ohm cartridge provides some of the biggest rips from any concentrate you can get.

Extreme Dab Pen for Smoking Wax

In our CBD reviews, we recommend this product for anyone that is doing heavy-duty vaping as well as someone that is just looking for a reliable vaporizer that will last for many years. The heating container has replaceable coils that are low priced and easy to swap out. When your coils are used and starting to not deliver the taste it did when it was a new set, you can easily replace them. With new heater you’ll get those clean flavored hits again. Smoking wax has never been easier and more flavorful. We highly recommend this vape box mod kit if you’re thinking about buying a strong and reliable wax pen.

HoneyStick Extreme Wax Vape Pen
Extreme Wax Vaporizer Kit

It’s always a great time to save at the HoneyStick! This vape kit is definitely priced to sell (see our How much is a dab pen? wax pens price comparison), but in addition:

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