How much is a dab pen? This question is usually followed by “Which one is the best wax vape?” and to truly answer it one need to compare how much dab pen cost to its wax vaping futures such as type of wax atomizer, wax pen battery power, and capacity, quality, size, etc.

How Much is a Dab Pen

How much is a dab pen – price comparison

To quickly answer how much is a dab pen we put together a list of the best vape pen for wax units with its price tag from cheapest to the most expensive dab pens we reviewed. Each wax pen listed below will take you to vendors shopping cart product page, where you can see more details about the product and of course purchase your dab pen if “how much is it” part will suit you.

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Best wax vape units based on performance

To help you find the best wax vape we will go through several dab wax pen units we’ve reviewed with short features recap for each and total score given by Best CBD Products Reviews team. Our judgment in ranking the units for the best wax vape are based on common features every dabber is looking for in vape pen for wax and concentrates. Features as wax pen battery capacity, wax atomizer compatibility with other vaporizers/vape pens you may have in your collection, design – look & feel, flavor intensity and power which is crucial for heat-up time (nobody likes to wait too long before taking the hits and enjoy vaping). Each unit listed below in our best wax vape performance chart is linked to a full review of the product with pictures and instructions. Feel free to browse deeper to find out more details, product specs and how to’s for the dab pen you’re interested.

Extreme Dab Vape Kit

The Extreme wax vaporizer kit is a must-have vape for those that are looking to get powerful and flavor-rich hits from smoking wax concentrate both, while on-the-go or at home.

$125 – view product
Aficionado Wax Vape Pen

HoneyStick Aficionado is the highest quality solid build dab pen, and regardless of its name – it is not only for aficionado vapers. The Aficionado Concentrate Vape kit with 2 wax atomizers – Ceramic Plate & Dual Quartz Coil.

$88 – view product
Variable Voltage Wax Vape Pen - 10 Watt setting

The Stinger is the best dab pen for users who are looking for the rich and flavorful vapor in concentrate vapor. With variable wattage and fully ceramic wax atomizer, you will avoid a burned or metallic taste in vapor.

$69 – view product
Honeystick Plasma Wax Vape Pen

The Plasma GQ wax vape kit is pack with technology that you can only find in tabletop rigs. The wax material does not actually touch or interact with the coil heating element in this vaporizer.

$149 – view product
How to fill-up oil and wax vape tanks in Honeystick Ripper

The Ripper 2 in 1 vape kit comes with a powerful wax atomizer and oil vape tank. It has a spring-loaded top with nice classic ‘zippo’ click, the telescopic mouthpiece and battery capacity 1300 mAh allowing true monster hits.

$139 – view product
Honeystick Phantom Vaporizer

The Phantom – Mini Vape Mod for Oils & Wax Concentrate. The Squeeze Box Phantom 2 in 1 vaporizer kit for Oil and Wax. The best discrete luxury vaporizer in the game! Came w/ a dual quartz rod heater for dab wax and 510 Oil Refillable Cartridge

$99 – view product
HoneyStick NANO Dab Pen - New HoneyStick Vape Product

The NANO dab pen is made by pairing Twist pen with the Silencer 510 thread Wax tank also sold separately by HoneyStick. This amazing dab adapter is designed for portable usage with 510 thread stick batteries.

$20 – view product

How much is a dab pen really worth?

What to look for when buying a vape pen for wax

Well, how much a dab pen cost is obviously an important factor. Now, with ‘how much is it’ in mind, there is an initial unit purchase cost and there is maintenance cost involved. Vape pens for concentrates, especially wax atomizers and heating elements more than any other type of vaporizers get wear off or damaged. The heating coils more likely to get accidentally damaged with a dab tool during concentrate refill, or the wax atomizer simply burns out after intense use. With this in mind, you should look for the brand which specializes in wax concentrate vaporizers, which will assure you that the dab pen will perform well and better than average no label ebay vaporizers.

Benefits of a good brand wax pen vs “no-name” ebay vaporizer

Additionally, with a good brand, you know that you can count on the vendor’s guarantee and customer service. From all vaporizer manufacturers we ever approach, the Honeystick is by far the most solid and reliable brand, with literally best customer service! Each item sold is covered by 3 months, no questions asked, guarantee on all the items they sold. They carry the best dab wax vape pen selection of super reliable vaporizers and vape tanks.

Honeystick Dab Wax Pens and Vaporizers

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HoneyStick Coupon Code

Enter our ongoing promo code into "Discount Codes" field on HoneyStick Shopping Cart Page to get 20% OFF your entire purchase. Courtesy of the Best CBD Products Reviews.

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