HoneyStick ELF Twist VV Mini Vape Mod













  • Compact Magnetic Mini Vape Mod
  • Works with 510 Thread Carts
  • Buttonless Vape Pen
  • Auto-Draw Vape Activation
  • Upgraded Sensors for smooth pulls and Big Clouds
  • Variable Voltage with Twist knob 2.5V-4.0V
  • Refillable 510 Eliquid Vape Cartridge
  • 4 Stylish Colors
  • High Capacity 350mAh Battery
  • 510 Thread Magnetic Adapter
Honeystick Elf Twist VV buttonless vape pen

Review of Honeystick Elf Twist Buttonless Vape Pen

In our review of Honeystick Elf Twist, the newest addition to very popular honey stick vape pen collection we will go through all exiting features of the Elf Twist vaporizer. First, let’s define buttonless vape pen term – it means a vaporizer without fire button. The vaping is initiated simply by draw / inhale of the vape cartridge. Set of very sensitive sensors is located at the bottom of the vape cartridge chamber initiating an electric connection with a heater inside of cartridge every time you draw. You can imagine how convenient it is for the user – simply load your cartridge and inhale without any additional hocus-pocus.

Elf Twist Buttonless Vaporizer - load cartrige and vape

The new feature of the HoneyStick Elf – Variable Voltage Vape

New Elf Twist is not only buttonless but also variable voltage vape. It is a very unprecedented combination to have an auto-draw vape mod with variable voltage vape feature. This is very common in typical buttonless vape pens but really rare in auto-draw Mod units. So why the HoneyStick decide to do it? Well, this vaporizer brand is famous for crafting oil vape pens, and by oil, I mean thick THC or CBD oil – slightly different than common e-liquid vaporizers. And new Elf Twist vape pen is no different. Being a variable voltage vape HoneyStick Elf will allow you to set the higher voltage if needed giving more power to the vape tank. Enough to vaporize thick CBD oils in CCELL cartridge or if you’re using one of those mini 510 wax atomizers the Elf will produce enough of electric current to keep those coils super red!

The Elf Twist variable voltage function will allow you to give more power to the vape cartridges that require more power or allow you to vape your oil at the desired temperature

Elf Twist is Buttonless and Variable Voltage Vape Pen

Twist Adjustable Variable Voltage Vaporizer

This little Elf has some power in it – 350 mAh battery with a variable voltage. Now, able to run this at a higher voltage range. The voltage is adjustable between 2.5V and 4 Volts, with 0.1V adjustments. It is still an auto draw vape unit which is what makes this really unique. Most auto draw batteries on the market carry just one power setting. Typical 510 prefilled cartridges might work great on typical buttonless vape pen batteries but some cartridges might not. Especially wax atomizers or more power-hungry cartridges with ceramic heaters.

Honeystick Elf Twist adjustable variable voltage vape pen

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The Elf Twist is not like other Honey Stick vape pen Twist for 510 cartridges, however has very similar variable voltage settings functionality. The new Elf Twist is an improvement over the original HoneyStick Elf auto-draw. This little unit comes with a twist plus all awesome features of what makes the Elf truly best-selling mini vaporizer. It is a compact, auto-draw, buttonless vape pen that looks and feels really amazing. Just as small and lightweight as original Elf, however with some significant upgrades to the mod functionality and look. First of all the variable voltage feature, which is controlled by a twist knob at the bottom. This Twist allows you to dial in on your intensity.

The Elf Twist Vape Pen for 510 Thread Cartridges

Meant to work with any 510 thread vape cartridge – with one requirement. The vape tank needs to have bottom airflow holes (on the side of 510 thread or at the bottom like in original HoneyStick Elf Tank). Because it is buttonless vape pen the unit needs the air to be able to pass-through the vape cartridge when inhaling, which will initiate electric circuit and fire the unit. Auto-draw vapes like Elf, are very convenient and easy to operate. Simply load your 510 cartridge and inhale – that’s all to it.  Buttonless vape pens operate more effortless compared to push-button units like Honeystick BeeKeeper, their all-time best selling oil vaporizer. The BeeKeeper will require to press the fire button in order to initiate vaping process. Not really a big deal, and many vapers actually prefer push-button vapes but not every vaporizer on the market is constructed as well as beekeeper so you may have a problem with the button push being too soft or too hard or the button not firing at all due to some connectivity problem.

Honeystick Elf Twist for 510 thread cartridges w/ magnetic adapter
Honeystick Elf Twist Vaporizer Kit Together

Convenient Vape for 510 Carts with Magnetic Connector

The HoneyStick Elf Twist is a magnetic vape mod that’s going to fire up your ceramic cartridges or anything with an air hole at the bottom of your cart. Elf Twist has the buttonless with automatic draw initiation function. It’s using a magnet adapter that comes with the Elf vape kit. You’re going to screw this magnetic connector onto any of the prefilled 510 vape cartridges of your choice and drop it into cartridge chamber of a vape mod. This magnet adapter, in the shape of a little ring, is different than the one in original Elf. So be aware that using Elf Twist magnet connector on original Elf will not deliver the same connectivity as a Twist Elf Magnet has slightly different polarity and it is set for a unique connection.

Elf Twist works with 510 cartridge with bottom airflow hole
Auto-Draw buttonless vape pen using magnetick connector and 510 carts with bottom airflow hole

New HoneyStick Elf has upgraded airflow sensors which will give you a big draw hit and let you accentuate that power. More sensitive sensors will provide much better connection which means you might not have to clean it too often. The original HoneyStick Elf is still a great unit, with similar great specs, look and functionality, so think about the new Elf Twist as a PRO version.

Great Classy look of HoneyStick Elf Twist

The new Elf Twist coming in 4 classy metallic finishes. A Sparkling Silver, Slate Gray, Rose Gold, and Champagne Gold. Very elegant colors that are a great addition to original HoneyStick Elf colors.

Honeystick Elf Twist vape pen in 4 Classy Colors


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What’s in the box?

The Elf Twist buttonless vape pen comes in the small compact package. The Kit includes the Elf Twist original 510 thread vape cartridge (refillable), magnetic connector/adapter and micro USB charging cable. The magnetic connector comes already screwed onto vape cartridge, and vape tank itself is already inside of cartridge chamber of the Elf.

Honeystick Elf Twist Kit Packaging

To get to the magnet adapter you pull the cartridge up (you will hear a nice click – Elf Twist has very strong magnetic connector) and then you can unscrew the magnet adapter and place it on to your prefilled cartridge or any other 510 vape tank you want to use. Magnet adapter has two differently sized openings – the wider one is obviously one to screw new cart in. No worries – you will not be able to use it in the wrong way.

Honeystick Elf Twist Vape Pen Kit Package Contains

Once you screw the cartridge into magnet simply drop it inside cartridge chamber in the mod. You will see a green LED light blink indicating that you have a good connection. Then all you have to do to activate the vaporizer is to inhale. Simple isn’t?

Elf Twist Auto-Draw vaporizer with LED light indicator

Intro video for the HoneyStick ELF Twist VV Mini Vape Mod

Dan Hoff from Honeystick presenting improved the best concealable buttonless vape pen for 510 thread cartridges. The original Elf revolutionized vape batteries by offering an auto-draw magnetic vape function for 510 thread cartridges that would easily fire ceramic heater cartridges. This video shows the launch of the new Honeystick Elf which is an improved version that has a variable voltage functionality you can control with a twist knob.

Get Ready to Vape the Elf Twist

Before you start vaping make sure to charge your Elf in full. Each unit comes with a micro USB charging cable and has a charging port located at the bottom of the Mod. Take the micro USB cable and plug it into the bottom of the vape mod. The Elf Twist battery needs approx. an hour and a half to two hours to fully charge.

How to Twist adjust the voltage in Elf vape pen.

On the side of the Elf mode, just above the twist knob, you will see a little red arrow. This is your current voltage settings indicator. You can twist it left and right and you will see that the voltage runs from 2.5 all the way up to 4.0 volts. Simply spin this twist knob and line up your desired voltage with a little red arrow. 4.0V is the maximum setting, the most intense and powerful one and 2.5V is the smallest and essentially the least intense temperature or voltage setting.

USB charging port at the bottom Elf Twist Vaporizer

Bottom Line of our Honeystick Elf Twist review

The Elf Twist is really plug-and-play kind of vape pen. With its magnetic connector and buttonless auto-draw functionality, this mod is one of the simplest to use yet powerful vaporizers we ever reviewed. The new HoneyStick Elf works best for whatever e-liquid, oil or CBD you prefer vaping, or whatever 510 thread cartridge you using. Whether you’re filling Elf’s vape cartridge with your preferred e-liquid or essential oil or you’re buying your own pre-filled oil cartridges this is the Twist you need! In our review of Honeystick Elf Twist buttonless vape pen the Best CBD Products Review team score this amazing little unit with huge 8.8 overall points.

Honeystick Elf 510 thread vape cartrige
Honeystick Elf vape cartrige and 510 magnet connector
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